Hosting an annual hockey tournament

The Aamjiwnaang First Nation, a community of over 2000 Chippewa Aboriginal peoples, were hosting their annual Little Native Hockey Tournament where 227 teams would participate in over 550 games. Attracting nearly 5,000 attendees to the event, the event organizers were looking for a creative and impactful way to grab the audience’s attention and kick-start their tournament.

Creating “WOW” worthy moments

With deep cultural ties imbedded in this sporting event, the Little Native Hockey League wanted this to be reflected in the event’s content and entertainment. Additionally, with their event being hosted at the Paramount Fine Foods Centre, the event’s installation timelines had to be record quick because of simultaneous sporting events. To achieve this, The Aamjiwnaang First Nation trusted Encore Canada to produce their event. This included turning to Encore Canada’s Creative Services team to create custom content to open the event.

Custom on-ice projection and live entertainment

To create a memorable introduction for the tournament, Encore Canada worked with The Aamjiwnaang First Nations to produce an on-ice projection mapping performance that featured cultural indigenous dancers and drummer performances. We created a one-of-a-kind 40 feet long custom carpet that covered the centre of the ice to ensure the entertainment could safely perform, leaving the outer portion of the rink untouched for a delicate skating smudging ceremony. Amidst the live entertainment, we projected custom motion animation content on the ice to compliment performances from DJ Shub, Two Local Chiefs and more, making the opening ceremony one that people couldn’t take their eyes off of.

A grand production worthy of social media fame

The Little Native Hockey League Tournament began like no ordinary sporting event, creating a lasting impression for all 200 youth hockey teams and their families to enjoy!Its grand productiongave attendees much to see and hear, providingmany memorable moments to capture. Video and pictures continue to tell this event story online, bolstering countless engagement with likes and shares. Having successfully producedthis memorable event together collaboratively, we think it’s safe to say we have the perfect partnership ready to take on the next.

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