Arbonne – CNC 2022

Client: Arbonne
Venue: Niagara Falls Convention Centre , Niagara, ON
Date: August 2024


Encore Canada and Arbonne paired up in order to create the event of the year. CNC 2022 was Arbonne’s consumer product show that catered to a community of Independent Consultants and Arbonne Sales Representatives for training from some of Arbonne’s top leaders to inspire attendees with business strategies, powerful stories, and achiever recognition.

The goal for the Niagara Falls Convention Centre venue was designing an event that illuminated at every corner while impressing and housing over 1800 attendees and keeping all guests engaged no matter how close or far attendees were from the main stage.


  • Over 300 lighting fixtures on the rigg

  • A complex interconnected truss structure (over 736’ of truss).

  • 56 sections of truss used along with 34 motors.

  • Two large screens displaying custom graphics synchronized with agenda of the day

  • Colour LED fixtures for theme consistent lighting though out out the venue

  • Projection mapping on a rigged Arbonne logo that was custom built by our scenic department


“We couldn’t have done CNC 2022 without you and your AMAZING team! We all worked beautifully together to pull off an AMAZING, successful event. I love the “CAN DO” attitude from you and your team on site. You guys always make it happened.”

Hanso Singh,
Senior Events Manager