Power Solutions – Safety First, Capacity Always

Ensure your event runs seamlessly from start to finish by selecting the right power solution. Encore takes the guesswork out of this process. We can provide power support for any event, anywhere in the world. This includes power distribution for any space or location – be it a small but dynamic meeting, a convention in a major venue, a special event or one outdoors, an event at a concert hall, a sporting event or even a film production.

Our power services range from the basics of extending wall plate power to large amperage consumption systems to complicated exhibition designs. All technicians who handle electrical connections are experienced and knowledgeable in operations and safety. They’re trained, certified and backed by regional Power Distribution teams – which allows us to provide the highest level of support to meet your event needs.


Powerful Solutions in motion

When we are transitioning a property to an exclusive power service, our team of experts works with the following parties to ensure the highest levels of safety and capability:

      • Building owners and engineers – Encore partners with hotel teams to ensure property is equipped with the appropriate commercial connections. While executing these solutions, we keep safety as the primary focus.
      • Fire Marshal (or local officials) — Encore works within each market where we provide power service to understand and comply with state and local safety regulations
      • Hotel teams – Our on-site teams work closely with our hotel partners to make sure each event booked at the venue has the power needed to execute their program without fear of interruption.

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