RE/MAX INTEGRA Ontario-Atlantic Region 2019 Evening of Accolades

Client: RE/MAX INTEGRA Ontario-Atlantic Region 2019 Evening of Accolades
Venue: Hotel X Toronto, Toronto, Canada
Date: May 2024

About The Project

RE/MAX INTEGRA Ontario-Atlantic Region was hosting an awards event to acknowledge over 250 of their top performers. In honor of this celebration, RE/MAX INTEGRA Ontario-Atlantic Region was looking to make a big statement and flashy impression for their guests. To help them achieve this, they called Encore to assist with bringing their vision and expectations for their high profile event to fruition

Line of Business: Production, Creative, Special Events and Entertainment

Client needs:

With a long standing relationship for over 20 years, RE/MAX INTEGRA Ontario-Atlantic Region believed in Encore to provide the brand experience solutions they were looking for. A large part of their awards gala was the event design including concept creation, décor, and entertainment. They were looking to rely on one partner for all of their production needs so they could focus their energy on making meaningful connections with their accomplished attendees at the event.

We delivered:

Our special events and entertainment team designed a concept for the décor elements and secured décor and furniture to meet the event’s theme. Our team arranged the logistics to coordinate bringing all of the pieces together in the most efficient way possible. Our Creative Services team created all of the award winner videos that featured branded graphics and special effects that were played on the screens.

Transformative value (event outcomes)

RE/MAX INTEGRA Ontario-Atlantic Region’s gala was a night to remember! The evening welcomed guests into a serene environment that was suited by luxury décor including golden flex table pieces and were able to observe the sunset from the beautiful floor to ceiling windows at the venue. Multiple attendees commented on the “RE/MAX” lettering crafted by our Senior Carpenters that headlined the stage. By the end of the night, attendees were already talking about next year’s event

Tech Specs