Aga Khan Museum

Client: Aga Khan Museum
Venue: Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, Canada
Date: August 2019

About the Agha Khan client event

The Aga Khan Museum was looking to host a client event where they could showcase their property to meeting and event professionals as a unique venue space that could be transformed for attendees in various ways. With the museum’s mission to connect communities through art, they turned to Encore to help communicate this message to attendees, while providing an exciting way for their guests to tour their property.

Line of Business: Production, Creative and Venue Partnership

Client needs:

The Aga Khan Museum entrusted Encore to develop five activations that could act as a guide for attendees to explore their space, while inspiring attendees to envision hosting their own events at the museum.
Using technology as a medium for art, the Encore team worked collaboratively with the Aga Khan Museum to create each activation and highlight various parts of this museum.
Prat of this collaboration included working together on the event experience, including co-creation of the event’s concept – Inspired. This became the guiding principle for developing the activations for the event.

We Delivered:

Encore created unique activations that were stationed at various parts of the museum. Digital signage was used as wayfinding to guide attendees through parts of the tour while gamification was introduced in various meetings rooms to provide an interactive and engaging component for attendees.

Encore’s set shop designed a custom art display that perfectly matched the craftsmanship of the exhibit room while using LED technology to display digital content.

A custom holographic effect was designed for the theatre space as a way to creatively introduce members of the team.

Encore’s Special Events and Entertainment (SEE) team procured entertainment as an enhancement to the activations as guests made their way through the museum.

Finally, the grand reveal was a demonstration of live art projection mapped on the outside of the building starting at dusk to highlight the museum’s beautiful architecture.

Tech Specs

Technical Specs
  • Producer
  • Creative Director
  • Event design
  • Custom set design + fabrication
  • Content creation
  • Technical direction
  • Production
  • Holographic effects
  • Projection mapping
  • Special Events and Entertainment