50 successful years in business called for the Canadian clothing brand, Nygard International to host a celebration! A company with such prestige requiring an evening that’d entertain 1800 guests from start to finish meant that we’d have to bring our a-game. To ensure all attendees experienced a show only worthy for one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers to deliver, we brought together Winnipeg’s most talented audio and visual team. Now, with a team totaling over 50 years of event experience behind the show, we decided on the 50 Years in Fashion theme that’d feature a fashion show and gala dinner.


It made perfect sense and was a sure yes when Nygard asked for our hand in their 50 Years in Fashion event because we already had experience flawlessly executing one of their events six months prior. Their trust in us to deliver allowed for us to have complete control over the event as long as we included their signature logo blue. That said, we followed suit and thought what better way to celebrate and gear people up for their newest collection launching in October then by with a fashion show that ends with fireworks!


Nygard is an A-list client that thought the bigger, the better – so that’s what we gave them. We brought all hands on deck to transform Winnipeg’s major meeting rooms in the RBC Convention Centre, and during the grand finale we showcased out of the box lighting and video that mimicked a real life fireworks show. But the night got better from there when models floored the runway with the company’s newest designs for the upcoming season and confetti filled the air. If that doesn’t scream successful fashion show, it was the ambiance and energy that filled the room.


Smiles, laughter and cheers of joy weren’t the only signs of enjoyment the audience showed, probably the biggest realization that the Nygard lovers were excited about the Iconic 50th Anniversary Collection was when they honoured Peter Nygard when he reached the end of the runway after the fashion show with a standing ovation. Imagine nearly 2000 people clapping in-sync all showing love and appreciation. It was a beautiful sight and moment, and a classic evening that marked a new company milestone that attendees can look back on to for inspiration forever.

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