Plan Your Meetings with a Purpose

As a meeting planner, do you ask yourself if attendees leave your events happier and more productive than when they arrived?  All too often, the business-side of a meeting becomes so focused on cost-savings and ROI that the human element is forgotten. Attendee engagement, problem-solving, and behavior-changing goals get pushed aside for these “results-based” aspects.    It’s time to reignite that conversation and think about creating meaningful, lasting experiences for attendees. We … Read More


FMAV Names Production Centre Leader in Ottawa

Rob Yaworski appointed to lead FMAV production and PSAV venue operations (MISSISSAUGA, ON) – August 22, 2019 FMAV announced today that Rob Yaworski has been named as Director, Production Centre and Area Venues, Ottawa. In his new role, Rob will be responsible for overall management of the combined FMAV and PSAV operations in the Ottawa ... Read More

Should You Create Content In-House or Outsource It?

Should You Create Content In-House or Outsource It?

Successful business and events professionals understand how critical it is to create good content. Whether that content exists on the company website or in the form of a promotional event, one thing is certain: High-quality content has the ability to generate leads, motivate customers and ultimately increase profits. The big question many businesses ask, however, ... Read More

HallofFame Alissa hurley

FMAV's Alissa Hurley Inducted into Hall of Fame

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Alissa Hurley Inducted into Canadian Meetings + Events Expo Hall of Fame We are pleased to announce that Alissa Hurley, VP, Marketing at FMAV has been inducted into the Hall of Fame at the recent Canadian Meetings + Events Expo! The Hall of Fame program, now in it’s 11th year, is comprised of 68 ... Read More

Top 3 Creative Design Tools

Creative Design Process Tools

3 fast tools to help with creative design process 1. Stakeholder Alignment Canvas Exercise: Before you can design your event, you need to understand who you are designing for. The old saying, “You can keep some people happy some of the time, but not all people all the time” is very true. This four-step process ... Read More

How to Decide on the Best Holographic Effect for Your Event

How to Decide on the Best Holographic Effect for Your Event

Holographic effects are an innovative way for audiences to consume content. We know holograms best from Hollywood blockbusters like Star Wars and Iron Man. But did you know these stunning visual effects can also be simulated at your next event? Event technology companies continue to develop the technology and expertise needed to captivate your audiences ... Read More

How to Leverage In-House AV

As a meeting planner, we’re faced with tough choices every day. From selecting venues to coordinating stakeholder travel, the details are endless. Selecting an AV provider might be one of the biggest – and toughest – choices to make. The decision to stay in-house or to go with an outside vendor is a constant conundrum. With such fierce ... Read More

Engage Assn Blog

That's a Wrap on Engaging Associations Forum 2019

3 Key Takeaways from Engaging Association Forum 2019 1- There is power within you to make change Chris Cummings said:  “There is a power within you to make change and it starts with small acts.  By taking those steps you help others take steps towards their improvement and change.” We believe technology is a powerful ... Read More

Despite Technology, Face to Face Meetings Still Prevail

Advancements in technology have certainly made our lives easier in many ways, including how we choose to meet. Thanks to videoconferencing solutions like Skype, Zoom, WebEx (among others), employees across the globe are able to connect without even having to take a step. But despite the convenience of virtual substitutes, in-person events are still the ... Read More

Projection mapping for events

How to Use Projection Mapping at Your Next Event

Projection mapping can turn any event into an immersive, unforgettable experience. Whether you want to “wow” your crowd, capture their imagination, or showcase your next new product, projection mapping will ensure every person in the room is engaged in your presentation. From large sporting events and music festivals to keynote speeches and corporate events, this ... Read More