FMAV Employee Spotlight: Anthony Vade

What is the secret behind FMAV’s success throughout the years? Our people! They make us who we are today and who we will be in the future.  As Canada’s largest independently owned audiovisual company, FMAV has more than 250 staff across seven offices from coast to coast, and it’s our people who make us a … Read More

The importance of creating an event with an impactful message

Is your corporate event truly “not to be missed”? Does it have a strong message at its centre, or is it just another blip on an attendee’s busy calendar? You could have the most innovative technology, thoughtful layout, and stunning venue, but at the end of the day, what is your event really about? The presence of ... Read More

Discover the new Halifax Convention Centre

The new Convention Centre opening in downtown Halifax is the culmination of years of careful effort. The following is a close-up view of this state-of-the-art complex and its value to organizers, as well as the Nova Scotia community, with insight from the Centre’s Director of Event Operations Genaya Cameron and President & CEO Carrie Cussons. ... Read More

The state of chatbots for the event industry

Delivering information to attendees in an efficient and easy-to-digest format is a high-level priority for any event planner. Over the past few years, technological progress has given organizers new options. The chatbot – a piece of software that answers questions and learns as it is used – could be one such breakthrough. The state of ... Read More

Top Tech Trends in 2017 and 2018

Innovative events and technology have become inseparably bound together. As audiences become more technologically sophisticated and savvy, so as Meeting and Event Professionals are forced to embrace new solutions. Moreover, as large multinational consumer brands release devices capable of complex data collection, information broadcast and featuring enhanced user experiences. Technology at live events becomes not ... Read More

Heidi Welker Elected 2018 Board Chair for Meetings Mean Business Canada

Contact:  Madeleine Bart 905.366.9241 Toronto, ON – December 7, 2017 – Freeman Audio Visual Canada is proud to announce that Heidi Welker, Senior VP, Business Development & Industry Partnerships has been elected as 2018 Chair for Meetings Mean Business Canada (MMBC). MMBC relaunched in January 2017 to advocate on behalf of the Canadian Business Events ... Read More

Top Ideas To Help Organize Company Holiday Parties

The workplace’s holiday party is a very specific kind of event, and planners often find themselves facing a few conflicting objectives. It has to be fun without becoming disorderly, memorable without breaking the bank. No matter the size of the office or particular industry an organization serves, the following are few critical ideas to ensure ... Read More

Webinar Recap: Second Screen Communications with Meaghan Carey of Glisser

Event organizers responsible for multiple gatherings each year – often with hundreds, if not thousands of attendees – may have a hard time with gathering feedback, not to mention encouraging engagement and measuring return on investment. All of these issues and more can be addressed via second screen technology. A webinar from Meghan Carey of ... Read More

Planning effective social media for events

Social media has become such a constant presence in modern life that it’s an obvious element to include in the content strategy plan for a conference, convention or other industry gatherings. In an era of frequent distractions, many of which originate from smart devices and social networks, tapping into these channels may prove to be ... Read More

5 Ways to Boost Your Event Attendance with Cognitive APIs

As the arsenal of AI-based solutions has blown up, their use in the industry of event planning must keep pace. The introduction of cognitive APIs has launched the age of intelligent computing which has become a great asset for event marketers. Let’s discover how to benefit from the possibilities of bot-based customer support, machine learning, ... Read More