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Victor Paan

Since joining Encore in 2002, bringing experience in film and production, Victor has worked diligently for his clients, advancing his career to his current position as Director, Digital Sales and Innovation. In this capacity, he draws on his technical and sales experience to support Encore’s teams and clients in integrating innovative solutions that transform, grow, and extend the world of events. He sees Encore as a complete brand experience and is committed to building partnerships that transcend.

Are You Planning Events The Right Way?

Feb 9 2022
Victor Paan
Organizing An Event Isn’t Stressful When You Have A Helping Hand. With the complexities of a combined in-person and virtual landscape, it can be hard to manage the intricacies of an event and audience expectations — especially now, where attendees expect more than just a meeting — they expect engagement and a customized experience. And ...