Organizing An Event Isn’t Stressful When You Have A Helping Hand.

With the complexities of a combined in-person and virtual landscape, it can be hard to manage the intricacies of an event and audience expectations — especially now, where attendees expect more than just a meeting — they expect engagement and a customized experience.

And that’s where Encore can help.

When you’re working alongside a team of event industry experts, you don’t need to worry about missing the little things because we’ll be with you every step of the way.

But, before we get into that, let’s take a look at some key considerations which you can use as a stepping stone for your entire event-planning process.

What’s the Process? Where do I start?

From logistics to setting realistic and measurable benchmarks to scale the success of your gathering, you must account for every aspect.

It’s not enough to simply know the key purpose of your event or how many people will be in attendance. You also need to understand your attendees because once you know them, you’ll be able to customize the event experience and drive your message forward. Ask yourself —

      • WHO are they?
      • WHAT drives them?
      • WHY should they care?
      • WHERE are they?

Keeping in mind how your guests and presenters will be attending your event will affect the rest of your planning process since it plays a huge part in how you’ll want to move forward with implementing your event’s Six Key Drivers:


  1. Engagement
  2. Environment
  3. Connectivity
  4. Content
  5. Experience
  6. Production

It certainly seems like a daunting task, but when you work with Encore’s dynamic team of specialists, we’ll not only help save your sanity but will simplify the process for you too.

How Can Encore Help Simplify Things?

With trailblazing resources, instruments, and expert insights packed in our toolkit, our skillful production team will take the stress out of event planning with streamlined approaches and proven techniques.

From pre-show planning to event activation and post-show wrap-up, Encore will ensure that all your needs are not only met but done with exceeding precision.

Whether hosting in a boardroom or a trade show hall, we’ll provide our expert suggestions to create optimized event layout solutions for in-person, virtual, or hybrid gatherings — all while keeping health and safety measures in check with our MeetSAFE™ protocols, along with applicable public health regulations, can enable meetings to be held safely. Our team will take care of traffic flow, socially distanced seating and venue arrangements, plus sanitization of all surfaces and touchpoints.

When it comes to technical needs and creative essentials, we’ll deliver innovative options that guarantee success, since we know what keeps attendees curious and involved.

How Can Encore Help Simplify Things?

Our triple-threat production team of show planners, digital gurus, and creative content specialists will satisfy your end-to-end vision for a memorable event.

Pre-Event — We take care of all aspects such as setting timelines, scheduling, and logistics — so that you don’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty.

When it comes to audio-visual requirements, technical needs, optimized venue layout, and creative reinforcements, such as Chime Live, an immersive storytelling engine created for in-person and online guest engagement — everything is organized to fit your needs.

We’ll even help with pre-show engagement materials so that no matter how your guests are attending, they’ll have all the tools and resources needed to get excited.

During the Event — Our production team will be on the ground and ready to handle anything that comes their way — so that you don’t have to.

Behind the scenes, our techies will manage streaming devices and digital platforms as well as backups so that your audio-visual needs are flawless.

From shifting imagery, videos, and graphics to immersive storytelling, all dynamic content will be in place and seamlessly implemented during showtime.

And, with our MeetSAFE™ protocols in action, rest assured your event will be a safe environment with public health guidelines in place. Our team will take care of traffic flow, socially distanced seating and venue arrangements, plus sanitization of all surfaces and touchpoints.

Post-Event — You can count on us to help with all of your post-production needs. Whether that’s event clean-up and dismantling, post-show materials such as metrics, or event recordings, we’ve got you covered.

Encore combines industry-leading expertise, innovative technologies, and a team dedicated to your success, guaranteeing that your next event will be a hit.

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