Many of the digital tools people relied on during the pandemic fall flat when events are in person. Chime does not! In the fast-paced world of events, engagement is the key to success. Meeting and event professionals focus on delivering event experiences that are significant and provide clear advantages for participants. If attendees feel your event delivered a smooth and streamlined experience, helped them build their networks, and they gained important insights, they’ll be satisfied and more likely to attend again. Finding tools to prepare attendees for events, as well as connect and engage them during the in-person experience isn’t easy. 

An event platform that delivers end-to-end solutions

A notable exception is the Chime event platform. Whether you’re planning a virtual, hybrid, or in-person event, the Chime app from Encore Canada stands out as the go-to solution for fostering meaningful interactions. It was developed for use at in-person events, though its capabilities have been expanded to fulfill the needs of any event format. Let’s explore how this powerhouse event app takes engagement to the next level, making your events unforgettable.

1. Digital Kiosk: A Hub of Information and Connectivity

Enhance your event’s lobby experience with Chime Live‘s Digital Kiosk feature. Chime can easily integrate with digital kiosks. Attendees can access event information, check the agenda, explore exhibit maps, and search for exhibitors—all at their fingertips. The app’s user-friendly interface ensures seamless navigation, empowering attendees to make the most of their event experience. This ensures a streamlined and informative start to the event.

2. Digital Signage: Dynamic Displays for Maximum Impact

Imagine digital menus, ingredients, and event graphics displayed on LCD monitors and iPads. Chime redefines event signage with its dynamic digital displays. Chime allows real-time content switching, ensuring that information is always fresh and relevant. Whether it’s a large-scale conference or an intimate gathering, Chime’s versatility shines through, captivating audiences with visually stunning content.

3. Gamification: Boosting Engagement Through Interactive Challenges

Chime has a captivating gamification element. Attendees can scan QR codes to earn points, creating a dynamic and interactive experience. This incentivizes active participation, turning every interaction into a point-scoring opportunity. The added incentive of redeemable prizes keeps participants actively scanning. This enhances attendee engagement, fostering a sense of fun, competition, and excitement.

4. Streamlining Exhibitor Registration and Engagement

Chime is the perfect app for exhibitor registration. Attendees can scan QR-coded exhibitor badges to collect points and gain access to valuable contact details. This not only enhances engagement but also creates a mutually beneficial interaction, incentivizing both exhibitors and attendees to actively participate.

5. Achievements and Prize Redemption: Fostering a Sense of Accomplishment

Chime doesn’t just stop at engagement; it celebrates it. Attendees reaching specific point milestones can receive congratulatory messages, fostering a sense of achievement. The integration of achievements and prize redemption adds an extra layer of excitement, turning event participation into a rewarding experience.

6. Integration of QR Codes: A Multifunctional Tool

Chime’s integration of QR codes extends beyond gamification. Event planners can use Chime for various purposes. From scanning QR codes for session attendance to purchase verification, and from tracking inventory to exhibitor engagement, Chime’s capabilities revolutionize event management. Exhibitors can efficiently scan attendee badges, facilitating lead generation and creating connections. This not only ensures a smooth event flow but also provides valuable data for organizers and exhibitors.

7. Keeping the conference conversation going

Want to give attendees access to conference content after the event? If you’re using the Chime platform, you can keep its library of conference content and videos online and give event participants access to additional educational and networking opportunities. 

8. Get key insights to continuously improve your events

Chime Live’s rich post-event analytics report can provide essential information about patterns of engagement, the themes and content that most resonated with audience segments, and attendee return on investment (ROI). This data can demonstrate the event’s value to key stakeholders and decision-makers. It also can improve the event’s programing. Knowing what content resonated with audiences can help meeting and event professionals pinpoint future themes and content to develop. Understanding what engages your audience and when they tune out increases the potential for improving future engagement.


Chime isn’t just an event app; it’s a comprehensive engagement platform that transforms events into immersive experiences. Whether you’re aiming for increased attendee interaction, streamlined exhibitor engagement, or a gamified experience, Chime delivers on all fronts. Elevate your events with Chime and redefine the way attendees experience and interact with your gatherings.  

Interested in learning how Encore can elevate your next event through our end-to-end event platforms and strategic solutions? Our experts offer free consultations if you want to discuss your specific needs. We’d love to help you develop a transformative experience for all attendees — so that your events can foster a new level of community, inspiration and connection.


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