Enhance Audience Engagement With Chime All-in-one Event Platform

Custom Branding
Inspire, engage and inform participants with a beautifully designed, custom-branded platform. Our design team create beautiful apps for some of the world's biggest brands and will perfectly reflect your brand and event identity...because first impressions matter. Your custom-branded Chime Live platform will welcome participants, support registration and secure log-ins, deliver pre-event content, and offer social media, sponsor areas and networking opportunities.
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Participant Engagement​
Greet your participants with a personal iPad on their seat and allow our teams to cue push notifications, Live Polling, Heatmaps, Word Clouds, Feedback Forms and breakout Networking with endless possibilities. Our Chime operators will "push“ the interactive features to participants’ iPads at the right moment. Seconds later, the results will appear on the main screens. It’s all designed to overcome distractions, keep participants engaged and ensure key messages resonate.
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Hub for All Event Content ​
Equip your participants with essential event documents, videos and reading materials, which they can utilize pre-during or post event. Attendees can zoom into images or smaller details, go backwards for something they missed, add notes to send to themselves afterwards, answer questions and give feedback with ease. Providing pre-loaded with event content helps your audience to follow presentations, stay focused and keep track of important information.
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A Trusted Event Partner for Successful Engaging Meetings

Ever wished for an event platform thaanticipates your every need? Chime is a “storytelling engine” that provides a choreographed experience to event participants. Most apps are passive and leave your attendee twander about themselves. Chime is not your ordinary event app; it’s a symphony of features designed to make your events seamless and create interactive experiences. From dynamic live engagement to robust features, Chime ensures your events stand out from the crowd. Discover why Chime is a cut above the rest:

Chime Go

Chime Go is a fully-supported, quick start event app that’s easy, affordable & professional. We can configure Chime Go in multiple ways to support your in-person, virtual & hybrid meetings. With Encore experts by your side, feel confident that you can take your event to the next level.

Chime Live

Chime Live engagement platform transforms the in-person, virtual or hybrid experience with a full-service end-to-end solution tailored to your unique event needs. ​We customize Chime Live to tell your story and highlight what’s important, driving engagement  – before, during and after your event. ​

Choreographed Participant Journeys

We devise and deliver a polished, professional event with interactive Chime features that engage participants and improve event outcomes.


Chime makes it easy for attendees to sign up and start engaging with early access to content or event agendas, maps, and educational resources, or early VIP access to networking tools and other features.


Our onsite teams cue push notifications, Live Polling, Heatmaps, Word Clouds and breakout Networking with endless possibilities.


Equip your audience with essential documents, presentation slides, reading materials and videos, which they can access before, during and after.


Each participant can be tracked by Chime real-time analytics. We can boost interaction with engagement tools in the moments that matter. Once, you're ready, you'll be sent an in-depth report with all analytics covered.

Interactive Features to Drive Event Outcomes ROI

  • Equip Participants with iPads
  • Capture Live Feedback
  • Orchestrate Networking
  • Captivate Live Q&A Sessions
  • Host Whitepapers & Videos
  • Convenient Content Hubs
  • Flexible Last Minute Changes
  • Personalize Agendas
  • Enable Push Notifications
  • Capture Real-time Analytics
  • AI-Recommendation Networking
  • End-to-End Management

Your Chime Journey

Now that you’ve discussed your desired event outcomes during your Chime event workshop, sit back and relax as our experts take over. You will be assigned a dedicated Chime team composed of Project Managers, Designers, Developers and Onsite Technicians who will work with you every step of the way to make sure your event is successful. Throughout your Chime event app journey, we’ll:

Want to See Chime Live in Action?

One of our experts will introduce you to Chime and talk through your event requirements. Get ready for an overview of the interactive features to discover what will create the perfect event flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chime is an all-in-one event platform that’s fully-supported by our Event Producers and Project Managers who know how to shape the participant journey and drive the outcomes you need – before, during and after your event.

The platform will be tailored to your event requirements and can feature, Personalized Agendas, Speaker Bios, Presentation Slides, media and event document Resources, Networking with machine-learning, Quizzes, Polling, Word Clouds, Heat Maps and more.

Our design team create beautiful apps for some of the world’s biggest brands and will perfectly reflect your brand and event identity in your Chime platform….because first impressions matter.

The platform can boost engagement for in-person, hybrid and virtual events on a variety of devices including iPads, desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets.

For in-person events, Chime can be used on any device, from phones to iPads, for easy access to each participant. With a dedicated interaction device directly in their hands, Chime makes a great impression that facilitates enhanced engagement. Participants can also access Chime from their own devices via a secure URL.

Through the Analytics Dashboard, you can instantly see how many participants in the room are tuned in, how engaged they are in sessions and if the live polling response levels are looking good. When any metrics are lower than expected, our onsite technicians can cue notifications to boost the interaction in the room and your overall results. Once you are ready, our  Encore team will send your in-depth analytics report with all event analytics covered.

For in-person, hybrid or virtual events, Chime can work on participants’ personal devices. They can access Chime Live from their iPhones, iPads or laptops at the event via your secure link and attend remotely from anywhere in the world.