Businesses all around the world are using immersive technology like virtual apps, AR, and VR to raise awareness, differentiate from competitors, and drive sales. Augmented Reality (AR) in particular is being adopted across different industries (online and offline) at a rapid rate. This spike in interest for Augmented Reality in events is being fuelled by a plethora of reasons, including ease of accessibility, advancements in immersive technology, and the overwhelmingly positive response from users.

The use of AR in events is on the rise, and for good reason: events, conferences, and meetings have become a perfect conduit for experimentation with AR, bringing a unique opportunity to integrate the digital and physical worlds for attendees. 

While most event planners have returned to planning in-person events, AR also enables audiences to experience from the comfort of their homes, an ideal tool for the current climate of both hybrid and in-person events.

The Impact of AR on Meetings and Events

Apple’s recent launch of the next generation of phones, such as the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14, is a huge step towards the adoption of AR technology. Each set contains Apple’s ARKit, a free iOS 11 software that allows developers to create AR apps that provide a real word experience through digital objects. Similarly, Google’s Arcore technology has completely transformed the way we see AR, by adding the power of Augmented Reality to your Android Smartphones.

With the technology of AR so widely accessible, it’s no wonder that AR can allow every user in a room to experience the powerful messaging and images, making it perfect for boosting engagement and reinforcing messaging. The event industry is embracing this advanced technology to shape and change the way we engage, attend, and market our businesses at events.

Enhancing the Attendee Experience

Ensuring an unforgettable and positive experience for every guest is the heart of any successful event. With the many creative applications of Augmented Reality, event organizers and their partners can easily connect with attendees in many innovative ways. Whether they’re developing engaging programs, supplementing presentations and performances, or simplifying practical information to make attendance a logistical breeze, Augmented Reality helps with it all.

  • Gamification of the Attendee Experience

Adding an element of interactivity is an impactful way to add variety to events.  Gamification through mini-games, leaderboards, and interactive graphics are a great way to add a dimension of fun to events and can even aid in facilitating networking opportunities.

For example, attendees can be encouraged to meet key sponsors on a digital scavenger hunt or participate in friendly competition at select booths around the venue much like the craze of Pokemon Go.

  • Supplementary Resources for Presentations

Presentations are an integral part of business events, and AR can take them to the next level too. Activate your audience with an engaging AR-powered welcome address through their mobile device. Set the tone of the event with as the help of our MediaLab content specialists to craft a life-like ‘avatar’ of  leadership. Don’t rely simply on communicating to your audience through static PowerPoint slides: AR gives speakers a tool to invite attendees to actively participate for a more compelling presentation and a session that will strengthen the connection between the person on stage and those in the audience.

  • Virtual Tours for Your Attendees

Attending events at big and unfamiliar venues can be overwhelming, but with interactive floor plans and maps, attendees can benefit from a hassle-free, personalized guide to pinpoint where they want to go. Replacing or supplementing physical map wayfinding with an Augmented Reality experience can help guests navigate throughout the entire event space.

Boosting Brand Profiles

Augmented Reality content can be visually stunning, giving brands a wow factor to increase customer engagement and sales. By leveraging existing graphics or logos and engaging users to reveal rich digital animations and motion graphics, you can deliver a premium engagement experience for events such as trade shows, product launches and exhibitions. AR is way more than a simple marketing gimmick: it has the potential to be a tool to offer audiences customized experiences and present key information in a way that helps inform their purchasing decision-making and reinforces positive brand connections. A fully browser-based experience with 3rd party software downloads is not required and AR Active Sponsorship can optionally be integrated within a platform like Chime for even deeper integrations and data analytics.

  • Exhibiting Customised Products

Hosting trade shows often requires a large space to accommodate partners and products, especially if those products are large themselves. AR gives businesses a chance to showcase new products and services to a captive audience by bringing those same products into one space virtually. Imagine a car “viewing” station where you can select which car, you’d like to view at will and get a 360, life-size view. Or imagine seeing a beautiful destination or meeting space they could host their upcoming event. The ability for visitors to get up close and personal to explore and interact with a range a company’s products, while also being able to customise elements such as colours and interiors, is an unparalleled feature for product marketing. 

  • Amplifying Reach

AR experiences doesn’t just have to connect people on-site: their reach can be amplified beyond the walls of the venue. From on-demand geofilters to eye catching bespoke company AR experiences can offer attendees an attention grabbing innovative, and novel factor that can be shared virally across social media platforms.

  • Diversifying Sponsorship Opportunities

Augmented reality gives event organizers an additional option for revenue through innovative new sponsorship offers. This gives businesses the chance to engage with potential customers and gain brand exposure. For example, Coca-Cola’s AR campaigns in sports stadiums highlight how sponsors can have a positive impact on the attendees – creating memorable experiences for the individual during the event, as well as having a longer lifespan through sharing content more widely. 

Enhance your events with Encore Augmented Reality Capabilities:

We believe in personalizing experiences through thoughtful design and engaging story-driven visuals for augmented reality experiences, marquee mainstage events, or virtual/hybrid audiences. 

Our creative team is made up of skilled professionals with 3D design, motion graphics, filming, and editing experience. Every project, client, and event are different. What works in one environment for one client may not be the ideal solution for another. Our approach is centered around customization—taking on your project knowing it’s unlike any other before. We strive for a strategically designed, well-executed, and high-value experiences with compelling content—all customized to your vision—to meet and exceed your objectives.

AR + Integrated Digital Platform

Our Chime Live engagement platform transforms the virtual and hybrid experience with a full-service end-to-end solution tailored to your unique event needs and comprehensive integration of our Augmented Reality solutions. We customize Chime Live to tell your story and highlight what’s important, driving engagement to deliver the outcomes you need – before, during, and after your event. 

Onsite or online, Chime Live delivers seamless connectivity for in-person and remote participants for mid-size events – anywhere in the world.

Rich analytics to track AR engagement and return on investment

  • Login history
  • User info
  • Dwell time
  • Page views
  • Banner clicks
  • Leaderboard
  • Voting results
  • Device details
  • Total app interactions
  • Average interactions per person

Plan your event!

Planning to organize an event that incorporates Augmented Reality or looking to scale your event business? We’ve got you covered. Encore simplifies all your venue and event requirements while delivering upon your vision.

Through our services and technology, Encore will help you create the ultimate live, virtual or hybrid event. We are proud of our position as the trusted, exclusive on-site event provider of choice at more than 2,100 leading venues including sports and entertainment venues, casinos, hotels, resorts, and convention centers.  


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