Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt a certain vibe? Our environments have a remarkable ability to prime us for what we’re about to experience. And visual cues play an especially important role.

What we see in our surroundings has a drastic impact on what we expect from an experience, whether an atmosphere readies us for an interaction that’s casual and inviting or sleek and professional.

DID YOU KNOW: Approximately 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual?

When it comes to events, you want to influence attendees to feel a certain way as soon as they step in the door. This way, you not only set the stage for a more engaged audience but set a strong first impression for a stellar ROE (Return On Experience). This reporting metric tracks outcomes related to attendees’ thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Set the Scene for Success

Different scenarios call for distinct settings that align with the mood you want to set. Whether it’s the cozy ambiance of a fireside chat or the immersive allure of a product showcase, the right scenic setup is crucial.

A misstep in environment design can easily hinder your event goals. Imagine trying to host a collaborative workshop in a cluttered, uninspiring space — it’s a recipe for disengagement.

Whether you’re planning a tech-forward conference or a buzzworthy general session, we’ve got you covered. Read on for expert tips and insights that can help you set the perfect environment for your event’s success.

Let’s dive into four common event scenarios and the standout scenic solution that helps set the tone for each, laying the foundation for your well-crafted programming.

Craft a Luxurious Ambiance for a Gala

Event scenario: You’re organizing a gala for guests in a grand ballroom and need the event environment to wow. Your objective? Impress attendees with a space that exudes sophistication from the moment they step in the room and sets the mood for an unforgettable experience. How will you transform the space to offer a touch of old Hollywood refinement and build anticipation for the celebratory festivities?

Scenic standout: A perfect solution for this type of scenario is decor drapery. This timeless scenic solution adds charm to any space. This makes it a planner favorite for galas, award ceremonies and social events. 

With sheer and textured fabrics to choose from, it’s an ideal way to add a touch of glamour to the experience by adding depth and visual allure to your space.

“Decor drapery is an easy way to add more interest to your space. Some of the fabrics have a sheer nature to them, so they take light well and give an event atmosphere more dimension and elegance.” — Tom Drozd, Encore Product Manager

In this way, its versatility surpasses standard screens. Simply select the color options that reinforce your theme or branding for a unified look in an elevated event setting.

Fuel Excitement at a Multi-Day Conference

Event scenario: You’re orchestrating a high-energy, four-day conference in a modern convention center. To ensure your environment sparks engagement, you want to captivate attendees with fresh, eye-catching visuals that amplify speakers’ messages and imprint a lasting impression.

The solution must also work in diverse event spaces and setups, weaving through the majestic grand ballroom to intimate breakout rooms and relaxed dining areas. How do you ensure a cohesive, tech-savvy aesthetic that resonates across the different environments?

Scenic standout: sTILEr panels are an ideal solution for this planning challenge. To draw the audience’s attention in the general session, create a unique stage backdrop with rows of sTILEr panels. 

In smaller rooms, diamond-shaped arrangements or subtle cascades featuring key event visuals, branding or logos help maintain a consistent look and feel.

“sTILEr panels are the chameleons of the stage. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.” — Tom Drozd, Encore Product Manager

While sTILEr panels can be joined to create large backdrops, when it comes to smaller spaces, the panels don’t overpower them, but act as an enhancer. Whether in breakout sessions or dining areas, they reinforce the event’s pulse without dominating the environment.

These panels are ideal for adding variety to multi-day events. “They’re like a creative puzzle, easily tweaked on the fly,” says Drozd. As the days of your conference unfold, your Encore support team can quickly adjust a few panels without interruption to your attendees or greater event setup. 

The end result? A fresh look for each session to continually spark renewed interest, from the start of your event to closing remarks.

Seamlessly Transition From Keynote to Breakouts

Event scenario: You’re orchestrating a bilingual leadership summit that aims to foster collaboration among changemakers from across Europe and the US. The event will kick off with a stirring keynote, but there’s a twist — after the general session concludes, the ballroom must swiftly be divided into language-specific breakout zones for focused discussions. 

Your scenic hero needs to draw participants’ attention to the keynote speaker while being able to divide the space for the small group gatherings taking place directly afterward. Your ideal event environment needs to be functional without losing the wow-factor. 

Scenic standout: Enter softwalls: this scenario’s perfect match. These flexible panels not only add flair to your stage set but also practicality.

Enhance the keynote’s impact with textured backdrops that guide attendees’ focus to your speaker. After, your Encore experts can quickly use the solution to divide the space into breakout zones, ensuring seamless transitions between sessions.


With participants divided into small groups in close proximity, softwalls offer another advantage. Their sound-absorbing fabric reduces echoes and improves acoustics, enabling participants to focus on their language-specific conversations without distractions.

Want to provide personalization to help improve event ROE aspects like audience satisfaction? Customize the panels’ fabric with targeted visual content, tailored for various groups.

PRO INSIGHT: Personalized breakout areas see a 15 percent increase in attendee satisfaction compared to generic event spaces.

Some ideas for inspiration? Display greetings in multiple languages to create a welcoming atmosphere, showcase region-specific success stories and incorporate QR codes for easy access to content in participants’ native language.

Transform a Corporate Gathering Into an Immersive Experience

Event scenario: You’re planning how to transform a corporate general session into an immersive experience for executives, key stakeholders and employees. You want the experience to blow your audience’s ideas about corporate gatherings out of the water and inspire memorable interactions.

Achieving this requires a scenic setup that evokes emotion and makes a lasting influence on participants — but without breaking your budget.

Scenic standout: In this scenario, Backdrop Pro is your ultimate canvas. Like an LED wall, it offers a seamless and striking backdrop, enabling you to engage attendees with dynamic video content that takes them on an immersive, visual journey.

Transport audiences anywhere from the ocean’s depths to distant galaxies with stirring visuals. Its white panels provide an ideal surface for projection. An added plus? It’s cost-effective for tight event budgets, providing a more affordable scenic option than either a LED wall or custom hard set.

Heighten your “surprise and delight” approach with creative staggered setups or consider custom-printed content. Backdrop Pro offers a myriad of ways to enhance your storytelling and ignite participants’ imaginations.

Backdrop Pro can help set an ambiance that fosters meaningful connections among your participants, turning an ordinary corporate gathering into something truly extraordinary.

Elevating Experiences With the Right Event Environment

Creating the right environment for your program is an essential part of the attendee experience. Imagine attendees stepping into a world where every detail — from the stage backdrop to the overall ambiance — invites them into the event’s magic. This becomes a reality when your scenic solutions reinforce the exact experience you want to deliver.

“Scenic elements are sprinkles on the cupcake when it comes to building the whole event experience. They improve Return On Investment and spark interest in your event before the program even begins.” — Tom Drozd, Encore Product Manager

Our experts would love to help you transform your space and set the tone for your next exceptional experience. Unsure about which scenic solutions would have the greatest impact for your next event? Click the button below to chat with one of our experts!

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