With the cold weather finally starting to make way for sunnier skies, we can’t help but get excited for spring, summer, and the fun that comes along with these warmer months. The onset of spring has us eager to ditch our winter coats and dreaming of music, food, and festivals. Here’s a guide to some of the great outdoor events this spring, happening in cities all across North America.


12th-Annual-Sugar-Land-Wine--Food-Affair-Bistro-Brunch_101220Calling all foodies! The annual Sugarland Wine and Food Affair is taking place April 8-12th this year in Houston. Attracting more than 10,000 wine and food connoisseurs every year, this great event is enjoyed by everyone – gourmands and non-foodies alike. Five days of flavour-bursting food paired with delicious wines, this fair is truly a culinary sensation. Buy your tickets, bring some friends along, and let yourself be wined and dined!


For nature lovers, just outside of the city at Mount Vernon lays a spring treasure to be found. From April 17-19th indulge your senses in the annual Tulip Festival’s Street Fair. While the Tulip Festival is a month long show, the street fair takes place this specific weekend drawing in artists, vendors and crafts people. Experience great fare and fun, along with the stunning tulips on display. If you’re searching for a perfect outdoor event this spring, you must check out Mount Vernon!


banff-performance-in-the-parkIf you’re a music enthusiast, Banff’s Performance in the Park takes place Friday, June 19th and Saturday, June 20th! Friday evening you can enjoy Joel Plaskett Emergency with Matt Anderson and the Mellotones, and Saturday afternoon you’ll hear K-OS with Rural Alberta Advantage and Hannah Georgas play. With the mountains as your backdrop and the music filling your ears, you don’t need to be anywhere else this weekend.


For beer and beats, check out the Sweetwater 420 Fest in Atlanta. Running from April 17-19th at Centennial Olympic Park, you’ll spend the weekend enjoying 25 unique craft beers while jamming out to some great music. Look forward to performances by Snoop Dogg, 311, Moe, and many more amazing artists and bands. Don’t miss the comedy tent as well, with hilarious stand-up acts to give you some laughs throughout the day. This packed weekend will be a great kick-off for a summer full of music and drinks.

If you’re not excited about winter’s exit, this list of upcoming outdoor events should do it! Contact us for a quote or information on planning your own event!


As business travelers, you know that always being on the road is not always a glamorous affair, despite envious remarks from your friends and family. Business traveling can be quite draining, and often times you don’t even get to experience much of the city you’re in. In spite of the downfalls, however, there are some great things that make business travel worth it, and knowing some key tricks of the trade make it that much better. Here’s a list of some things you can benefit from knowing when on your next business trip.

man at airport

Rewards Programs:

This one might be a given; however, ensuring you’re making the best of rewards programs that are offered by airlines and hotels is a must. You’re racking up tons of points with your flights and hotel stays, so you might as well get something for it! Frequent flier points are available with most airlines. If you don’t want to stick with just one airline, opt for a credit card that is travel-based and gets you deals on your points.

Non-Stop vs Direct:

It might seem like common knowledge, but it’s easy to get confused with the technical terms. A direct flight is not the same as a non-stop flight. Direct flights might still stop, but you just don’t have to get off the plane at the stop, making it that much easier. However, having to transfer planes is far from fun and wastes time you could be spending at the hotel. Make sure you check before and book yourself a non-stop flight, getting you to your destination faster.

Tennis Balls:

hand tennis ballWhile you might not be a tennis player, or have time for it when traveling for business, bringing a tennis ball along with you on the flight is a great way to prevent stiffness. Rolling a ball under your feet or along your thighs is a great way to get blood flowing and prevent your muscles from getting sore, especially on longer flights. They’re light, easy to carry, and found mostly everywhere, so they make a great travel accessory.

Pack Light:

Developing a tactical and fast packing strategy is the best way to go when you’re traveling often for work. If your stay is luggagejust a day or two, try to pack so that you only need one or two pairs of shoes for your outfits, saving space and allowing you to take a carry-on bag rather than checking your luggage. If your stay is longer, be sure to pack more essentials like socks and underwear, as those things always come in handy when you least expect it.


If you’re traveling during a non-peak season and business is slower in some areas, try your luck and ask for upgrades. At the check-in, the attendant might just get you that seat in first class. Also, try this at hotels when they’re not busy. If business is lagging, and they have a premium suite available, your chances of getting upgraded could be quite likely.

Try out some of these insider tips on your next business trip – you may just cash in big and get a luxurious experience!

Remember, Freeman Audio Visual has locations across North America, so no matter where your next presentation is, we can help you make it a memorable one!


We’re back with a quick guide to some events happening this winter in some of our favourite cities! While the winter months may not be cold for everyone, the countdown to summer seems to be forever on our minds. Distract yourself with some fun events in your own city, or take a weekend getaway to a neighbouring town. The cold doesn’t have to keep you indoors this winter. Check out the list below and have snow much fun!

Woman staring at ice sculpture

New Orleans, Louisiana:
You’ve probably guessed it! One of the most notorious events is happening in February this year in New Orleans – Mardi Gras! A festival that has really put New Orleans on the map, this outrageous event will be sure to have you planning annual trips. The parade starts on January 31st and goes until Mardi Gras day which is February 15th this year. There are a plethora of events leading up to Mardi Gras, as well as tons of dazzling parties after the parade. Grab a bejewelled mask, have a king cake, and let the good times roll! Check out this guide to help you get up to speed with the local jargon.

Mardi Gras Celebration

Hamilton, Ontario:
Winterfest is hitting the Hammer this February! Come check out some frosty delights from February 7th to 16th and enjoy winter like never before. Promoting community cohesiveness and support of local talent, hibernation isn’t a term known to Hamiltonians. Some highlights from this weeklong celebration include the Waterfront Festival of Lights, Darkroom Workshops, Knitting and Crocheting for Charity, a Winter Beard Competition, and much more! If you’ve never been to Hamilton before, now is the perfect time to go and see the city in full stride.

Blue Christmas Ornament

Prince George, British Columbia:

The 2015 Winter Games are coming to Prince George in British Columbia! Running from February 13th to March 1st, these Canadian Winter games are all about embracing the cold weather and getting outside to enjoy sports such as skiing, curling, and biathlon! So if you love sports and you love Canadian winters, gather around to watch Canada’s champions achieve their personal best and provide the most memorable Winter Games yet!

Quebec City, Quebec:

For over 60 years, the Quebec Winter Carnival or Carnaval de Quebec has provided a celebration of the winter months, with fun events to get you through those winter blues. From February 3 – 15 attend events such as snow sculpture competitions, flapjack breakfasts, and tour Bonhomme’s Ice Palace! There’s plenty to do to keep the chill away in Quebec!

You must be busy filling in your calendar now – winter has a whole new outlook. Enjoy these events, and if you’re planning your own event, contact us for audiovisual information and quotations.