creative-eventsYou’ve got space, attendees, and topics to be covered, but how can you ensure your event has an interesting theme? Outside of the logistical and informational process, having a catchy general theme can make or break your event, and add more excitement and cohesiveness to the overall intent. We’re here to get you thinking about how you can implement creative themes for corporate events. With these suggestions, we hope we get the ball rolling for you – you’ll have so many ideas you won’t be able to choose!


If your general intent of the event revolves largely around team building, team relationships, building growth, establishing foundations or expanding on development, having a theme of construction is quite fitting and fun. While it may take away from the formality of an event, adding some playfulness to your gathering is a great way to ease tension and break the ice. Ideas include having Lego pieces at each table where teams can work together to construct an item within a certain time frame. Attendees can be given hard hats to wear, and those leading the event can be in reflective gear. For added emphasis, caution tape can be used to decorate and signage can be put up as well. A takeaway can be a pylon paperweight with the conference name printed on it. How’s that for a fun and creative theme for a corporate event?!

Rubik’s Cube

rubiks-cube-stage-ideaFor events that are more strategic and think-tank based, having a Rubik’s Cube-themed event is fun and smile-inducing. Everyone knows the challenge that a Rubik’s Cube poses, and the subtle yet apparent display will set the tone, ensuring your attendees understand that, while a seemingly difficult task lies ahead, there are multiple solutions available. Teams can be grouped by colour, where t-shirts, hats, and/or table covers signify their decided colour. An initial team-building and ice-breaking activity can be for each team to solve a Rubik’s Cube in a certain time frame. Coloured Jell-O can be served to corresponding team colours, and the takeaway can, naturally, be a Rubik’s Cube.


Having a theme centered around survival is great for events that are for strategic thinking, new ideas, determining how to get the most value for cost, finding new resources, or generating creative ideas for business development. Creating the idea that your team is stranded on a desert island or lost in the wilderness can really set the tone for your intention. Again, teams can be divided up and each can be given a specific “tool” that will help them in their survival. Team names can correspond to trees or desert plants, and a reward system can be put in place for the team that advances farthest in strategy planning (a drink of water from the oasis or a berry plant being found). Takeaways can be theme inspired notebooks or a pen that works in unfavourable weather conditions.

While attending corporate events can be somewhat tiresome, ensuring your attendees have a great time while staying on point is key. Creative themes for corporate events are the best way to keep everyone happy, and make the event memorable. Contact us today for help planning your next event.