You’re planning a large-scale event and have put so much time and energy into making it memorable. The last thing you want is for your audience to be unengaged and walk away underwhelmed and unimpressed. Thinking creatively and outside of the box is always the best way to go.Take a look at some fun ideas to create lasting event experiences.

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Prior to the event, creating a buzz and having lots of publicity is essential. You want people to be excited to attend, and for others to see this hype, and get on board as well. Giving people an unforgettable taste of what they can expect will screens circling globehave them amped up before the scheduled date. Video mapping is a tool you can use to promote an event (or anything, for that matter) on a grand scale. Custom designs, logos and moving images can beprojected onto buildings and structures for a monumental effect that leaves a lasting impression.

Personalized Fare:

While this may not exactly be techy, personalized food and treats is always a fun, memorable method of branding your event. A new creation is the Ice Pop Generator which can create customized ice treats and lollies via a form of 3D printing– everything from a logo, a face or an image can be put onto these edible wonders! Your guests will really feel like breaking the ice with this one 😉

Customized Mobile Apps:

Integrating a mobile app into your event is kind of like giving your attendees their own personal event guides. Accessed young professionlson their personal mobile devices, mobile apps allow you to make various information—like event agendas, facility logistics, speaker profile, and much more—readily available. What’s more, you can integrate social networking to promote peer-to-peer communication.

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