MAXIMIZE THEIR JOURNEY: A Series for Event Marketers by FreemanXP

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An introduction into meeting needs and deepening attendee engagement during brand experiences

What if we could decode the attendee? Figure out their wants, their needs, what makes them tick and their expectations—even before they do. With the help of famed psychologist, Abraham Maslow, and his “Hierarchy of Needs,” creating powerful and engaging brand experiences just got a little more certain. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Well, thankfully, it isn’t.

There are certain inherent needs to live within all of us. We all want to be fed, to have shelter, and to be safe. In short, Maslow argues that all of us must have a few basic rational needs met before we open ourselves to more emotional triggers like friendship and love.

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Freeman Launches Global Certified Partner Program

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Global Certified Partner Program bolsters its partner network, answering the demand for Freeman quality and reliability worldwide

Freeman, the leading global provider of brand experiences, today announced the launch of its Global Certified Partner Program – a continuation of a focused effort that began several years ago to build a network of global suppliers, which has now become a formally recognized program that evaluates, qualifies and connects a community of suppliers who are able to meet Freeman’s high standards for quality, value, stability and customer service. Freeman uses these suppliers to support its teams as it delivers global programs for leading brands worldwide.

David Gauthreaux

David Gauthreaux

“Our existing North American customers want to increase their presence and deliver consistent brand experiences worldwide,” said David Gauthreaux, executive vice president of global sales for FreemanXP. “Similarly, our clients in EMEA and Asia Pacific are looking to do the same. As a design-driven company, Freeman has been investing in its global infrastructure for many years, and today we have a solid base of operations in Europe, Canada and Mexico. By extending our reach through third-party partners with an expanded, formalized program, we can better create value for our customers and continue to manage global growth in a smart and meaningful way.”

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FreemanXP Tell Us How to Overhaul Presentations with Technology

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AJ and DH

Tech can convert audiences into participants while driving data and engagement

We live in a world that demands people be constantly connected (whether they want to or not) and that demand has fueled a shift in audience behaviors. No longer can we assume or even ask that our audiences do nothing but pay attention at events. The reality is that they have teams to manage, quick notes to dash off, clients to keep tabs on – and this all continues to happen while they are at your event.

But there is an important upside to this for event marketers! We can leverage the predisposition for constantly connected behavior to get our attendees more deeply involved in sessions, converting audiences into participants.

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Comic-Con: Game of Brands

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Published by Alison Jenks, SVP at FreemanXP | Source: Face-to-Face with Freeman blog

What B2B Event Marketers can learn from Comic-Con International 2015

Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the last week, you’ve probably seen a lot about the 2015 Comic-Con International in San Diego. Comic-Con started in 1970 as a one-day “minicon” devoted to creating awareness of, and appreciation for, comics and related popular art forms. Today there’s nothing mini about it. The conference receives attention from all over the world, attracts the biggest names in entertainment and draws over 130,000 people for the four-day event in America’s Finest City.

Most of the high-profile entertainment brands at Comic-Con could easily tap into their own established and widespread distribution networks to reach such large audiences. And yet, they prioritize a big showing at Comic-Con – underscoring the global trend toward experiential marketing as a key pillar of effective promotion. In its coverage of the conference, global digital media outlet Mashable explains why brands are investing in great experiences to connect more closely with fans: “We live in an always-on culture that can inform hundreds of nations in a single tweet, bridge thousands of miles through an Instagram post. Plugged in, live streamed, we think ourselves everywhere at once. But there’s still something to be said for the in-person approach, for events that connect to the emotional brain via all the senses.” 

And connect it did…

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Drupa awards exhibition education program contract to FreemanXP

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DRUPA leverages international capabilities and strategic and creative expertise of FreemanXPFreeman Audio Visual Canada‘s sister company — to broaden reach of exhibition education program

LONDON, UK – May 2015 – FreemanXP, the brand experience agency at Freeman, today announced the agency has been selected to deliver the education program for drupa 2016, the leading international trade fair for print and cross-media solutions.

Known as the drupa cube, the education program will showcase a mix of digital, social and face-to-face marketing content and initiatives aimed at attracting both traditional delegates, as well as new audiences such as marketing agencies and brand owners. FreemanXP will leverage drupa’s deep industry knowledge and experience, working with FreemanXP and industry leaders such as EFI and HP, to deliver a data-driven approach to the education program. The team will use pre-show market trends and audience analysis to ensure that relevant content is delivered to each audience segment. In addition to its role helping drive strategy, FreemanXP will also manage speakers, sponsors and partner integration, conference space design, social media planning, onsite management and post-event analytics.

“With our long-time participation at drupa events, FreemanXP is particularly pleased to collaborate with the drupa team to enhance the experience for attendees while adding new content to the program that will help marketing agencies and brands prepare to take advantage of the marketing challenges ahead,” said Kim Myhre, senior vice president, international, at FreemanXP. “The multi-channel content creation and amplification campaign that we are working with drupa to develop and execute will add value not only for the delegates, but also extend to audiences beyond the show floor.”

“To create a successful education program for our delegates, an event of this scale requires a global partner, and FreemanXP is the ideal fit to execute the education sessions – a centerpiece of the exhibition,” said Sabine Geldermann, director of the drupa. “In addition, FreemanXP’s international footprint and strong network across industries added to their strategic and creative competencies in order to look at the program through a wide lens and create a valuable experience for our delegates.”

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Transform Your Event With One Simple Word…

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By: Anne Houghton, VP, Experience Design,

How experience design generates meaning and real business results

Truly engaging a customer is magical. It’s transformative. It’s how you go from like to love and from “nice to have” to “must have” in the eyes of the customer. So how do you create an experience that is magical?

Start with one simple word: Why?

Why would someone attend your event? Experience design begins and ends with an intimate understanding of the attendee’s needs and expectations for the event. Make sure you know your audience inside and out. What will make them feel that they have been heard? Which of your tools and services set them up for success? What information do they already have?

These insights inform your business and event strategy. Strategy informs the message flow, and ultimately how to deliver each piece of the message along the journey. Every element of your experience (event, tradeshow booth, etc.) must ladder up to the event’s overarching message and ultimately your organization’s business objectives.

By translating business and marketing strategies into the three-dimensional elements of your event, you can intrinsically tell a story that revolves around your audience. How the actual physicality of the environment – from structures, space, and lighting to objects, color, and textures – comes together sends a message. And how the audience actually moves throughout the space does as well. The practice of experience design guides the attendee down a well-cultivated pathway and ultimately determines exactly what the audience will feel, know, and do.

And that is when the magic happens.

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Freeman Ranked Largest Global Event Marketing Company by Advertising Age For Second Year In A Row

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Also ranked among largest U.S. healthcare agencies

Freeman, the leading global partner for integrated marketing solutions for live engagements, announced its designation for the second year in a row as the largest global event marketing company in Advertising Age’s ranking of the “World’s 50 Largest Agency Companies.” This annual ranking and analysis of advertising and marketing services agencies includes companies in all marketing categories.

“Experiential marketing and live engagements are commanding a more significant piece of the marketing mix than ever before,” said Bob Priest-Heck, president and chief operating officer of Freeman. “The category continues to grow which reflects our clients’ continued belief that face-to-face interactions deliver business results. Today’s currency is in the experience, and we are very pleased to again be recognized as a leading agency helping to fuel meaningful connections for our global clients.”

Researchers at Ad Age noted that overall U.S. promotion-agency revenue, including events and experiential, rose 5.8 percent over the prior year, an increase greater than media (1 percent), advertising (4.4 percent) and public relations (5.3 percent).

Freeman’s expertise in healthcare was also acknowledged, with Freeman ranked among the largest U.S. healthcare agencies, at number 33 overall and securing the number one position among live-engagement companies. This ranking is bolstered by the work Freeman executes through its brand experience agency, FreemanXP. In the past year alone, the agency has expanded its global footprint while growing its strategic, creative, digital, and account teams to support the growth of its healthcare practice.

“We are delighted to have earned this distinction in the healthcare sector, which we have achieved through our work helping clients navigate the complex and changing environment of healthcare marketing,” said Chris Cavanaugh, chief marketing officer of Freeman. “Freeman’s visibility into hundreds of healthcare events annually enables us to provide the unique insights and access that healthcare brands need to optimize their marketing portfolio to drive awareness and sales.”

What Ad Age’s Annual Rankings Mean For Experience Marketers



Hint: Big Growth in Events, Digital and Industry Marketing

Bradley Johnson’s annual industry benchmark, the Ad Age ranking of top global agencies is out and, as always, the report provides both an illuminating review and a look forward for marketers of all disciplines. The study unveils some of the dramatic changes in the agency landscape, driven by brands’ need to rightsize the marketing mix, and shows a continued evolution from traditional media into more integrated models.

A deeper dive into the data shows great news for marketers of all categories, with overall agency revenue from all marketing disciplines growing significantly last year compared to the prior year. U.S. agency revenue increased 5.4%, achieving an incredible record of $43.6 billion in sales in 2014!*

In addition to the overall growth of marketing agency revenue, a few significant trends stand out for experiential marketers:

Experiential Growth Outperforms (Almost All) Other Marketing Channels

Researchers at Ad Age noted that overall U.S. promotion-agency revenue, including events and experiential, rose 5.8% over the prior year—an increase greater than media (1%), advertising (4.4%), and PR (5.3%). The data shows experiential marketing and live engagements are commanding a more significant piece of the marketing mix, affirming that marketers are optimizing the face-to-face channel to drive brand experience, increase lead generation, and generate the all-important data points marketers crave. The rise of younger generations and the predisposition of both Millennials and Gen Zers to seek out experiences may continue to keep marketers’ focused on brand experience as the center point of integrated marketing.

Digital, Digital, Digital.

As Ad Age noted, “It’s a good time to be in the agency game—at least if you’re connected to digital.” Marketing continues to go high tech with digital growing 9.8% and capturing an incredible 40% of 2014 total U.S. agency revenue. And why shouldn’t marketers flock to digital? Digital is always on and highly measurable. Experience marketers should be leveraging an event’s digital power to the fullest, from marketing campaigns including mobile-friendly emails, event websites, and registration to content amplification strategies like streaming video, always-on content hubs, and social media extensions, as well as optimized engagement platforms like second screens and iBeacons. All of these, plus emerging new devices like the Apple Watch, will provide an incredible array of behavior tracking and data points to enable live events to go toe-to-toe with straight digital in the measurement department.

The Healthiest Industry is…

Healthcare marketing is roaring. It is the fastest-growing segment of all agency revenue, increasing 10.3% year-over-year. Driving factors include shifts in patient needs, an aging population, the Affordable Care Act, a robust pipeline, and advancements in technology. We’ve seen these changes in the event space through increased investment in the channel, plus the growth of consumer-focused fit tech, which impacted many events this year including SXSW, Mobile World Congress, and CES.

 And One Downside

It can’t be all good news, right? All this growth means employment is reaching an all-time high. There is now more demand than ever for creative talent across all disciplines, which means the talent war may be just beginning.


Steal This Idea: How Top Brands Maximize Event ROI with Social Marketing

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By Katherine Zimoulis, Director, Marketing, FreemanXP

New data—Using social media marketing to amplify events

We have long advocated for the idea that live events and social engagement combined can be transformative for a brand or organization.

Social engagement is the secret sauce that makes everything stickier. Engagement, brand affinity, and amplification increase, helping to secure and strengthen the relationship with attendees and extending the brand experience beyond the four walls of an event to a larger audience—ultimately maximizing your event ROI big-time. To help prove this, we partnered with the Event Marketing Institute to develop research and survey a cohort of the world’s top brand marketers. We wanted to find out what works for them when it comes to social media marketing for events.

Here’s what we learned:

Growing Pains: The data doesn’t lie! 70 percent of brand marketers agree that viral efforts and social engagement are very important for events. They “get” the importance of creating memorable moments that can be shared across social channels. Yet only 16 percent say they are “very effective” at generating viral impact from their event, and only 21 percent feel they are “effective.”

Insider tip: Want to know what works when it comes to social strategy for events?

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Behind the Scenes at ExhibitorLive with Freeman

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Alison Jenks, SVP, Marketing, FreemanXP

Published by (pictured) on March 11, 2015 

Freeman is well known for helping our clients design and build their own exhibit programs, as well as manage all the logistics of some of the most complex events in the world. So, it’s no surprise that when it comes to our own exhibit program, we engage a proven protocol. At last week’s ExhibitorLive event, we approached the program just like we would a client’s program, with our strategy, creative, design, build, AV and marketing teams all working collaboratively to deliver a great booth experience. We received great engagement across all three days on the show floor, with a lot of attendees stopping to take photos of the booth and interacting with our teams and technologies. We had a lot of clients ask us: “How did you approach your own experience?” Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at Freeman’s experience at ExhibitorLive.

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