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As a meeting planner, do you ask yourself if attendees leave your events happier and more productive than when they arrived? 

All too often, the business-side of a meeting becomes so focused on cost-savings and ROI that the human element is forgotten. Attendee engagement, problem-solving, and behavior-changing goals get pushed aside for these “results-based” aspects.   

It’s time to reignite that conversation and think about creating meaningful, lasting experiences for attendees. We have the opportunity to shift the primary focus of meetings from outcomes” to humancentric experiences. Sound intriguing?  

In partnership with IMEX, PSAV completed a research initiative on creating purposeful meetings, with findings published in a white paper. Purposeful meetings is a key foundational element of our industry, and this project’s intent is to put scientific research behind the meeting experience.

We define purposeful meetings as strategically designed events that move beyond financial measurements, exploring the elements that impact human behavior. This way, the focus shifts to creating moments of meaning, inspiring creativity, and influencing decisionmaking.   

The purposeful meeting model proposed in this paper covers five key areas (click for full resolution): 

Purposeful Meetings Infographic

We are excited to help shift the conversation to purposeful meetings and human-centric experiences. We hope you will consider re-thinking your meeting strategy and assess the impact your people have as well as their cognitive and physical wellbeing at your event, and in the work they do.  

We will delve into each of the five key areas in future blog posts. Join the conversation on social media with #PurposefulMeetings and add your perspective, research, and insight! 

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