It happens to everyone. The holiday season creeps up on us and before you know it, it’s November! For us event planners, that usually comes with the annual task of planning a corporate holiday party. 

We always want to keep both our stakeholders and attendees happy. So here comes the million-dollar question: how can I make my event different than last year? Even if you’ve already booked your venue, it’s not too late to add some extra ideas to make your holiday party stand out and keep your guests talking about it well into the new year. 

Décor and theming – Crafting an extraordinary holiday event demands a fusion of imaginative flair and meticulous planning. The key lies in harnessing a carefully curated theme and décor to imbue gatherings with a magical ambiance, whether it’s a whimsical winter wonderland, a timeless holiday soirée, or a contemporary reimagining of tradition. By artfully blending a thematic concept with thoughtfully chosen décor, you can transcend the ordinary and elevate your holiday event, creating an immersive experience that resonates with guests. 

Light it Up – Depending on how big your event– and your budget – is, lighting is the easiest and most effective way to add décor to your event. If your guest list is rather small and intimate, tasteful string lights carried throughout the ceiling would be a nice touch to add a twinkle effect. Or, if you have a large space for a lot of people, you can really knock it out of the park and video map a snowy winter background across the walls to give that true holiday party feel. 

Bust a Move – What’s a party without music? This event is probably the one time of year everyone at your company can let their hair down together. Give your guests something to dance to with a curated playlist of tunes that’ll keep them going long into the night. Don’t forget to protect yourself from any legal issues by using music that is licensed for public performance. Playback music providers, such as Encore Music, include the appropriate licensing and royalty fees. All you have to do is select the station (which is difficult enough!). Or looking for something a little extra special, hire a DJ or live band.  

Use Cool Event tech – Elevate your holiday gathering with state-of-the-art event technology from Encore. From stunning visual to projection mapping and from Augmented Reality solutions to Holograms, we have got it all to make you event shine. Explore the possibilities here and make this holiday season unforgettable.  
Augmented Reality: 

Add a touch of magic to your event with the perfect blend of traditional charm and cutting-edge technology. Encore’s AR Posters and center pieces enable guests to immerse themselves in the festive spirit through their mobile devices. Simply point your camera at the print and witness a dazzling display of digital animations and motion graphics that bring your message to life.  

  • AR Gift Hunt: Design an AR scavenger hunt where users follow virtual clues or markers to find hidden gifts or holiday-themed objects in their surroundings. Each discovery could unlock a part of a festive story or reveal a special offer. 
  • AR Greeting Cards: Design holiday greeting cards that, when viewed on your mobile phone. Play personalized messages, display 3D animations, or even showcase a mini virtual holiday play.


That’s not all—step into the future with our holographic technology, designed to create a lifelike, real-time or scheduled, volumetric digital experience for your event. It brings the magic and power of the digital world into a real holographic presence. Whether you’re looking to beam a presenter to your event without having to travel, showcase a holiday message in an innovative way, or create an impactful experience for event attendees, this award-winning technology is a wow experience that will deliver your message in a memorable way. This year, let our hologram add that extra touch of magic to your celebration! Learn more! 

Add an Instagram Wall – One of the most fun and trendy additions, a decorative wall to take Instagram selfies and group snapshots is an easy way to get your party on social media. For the holidays, get creative with ornaments, greenery, or tinsel. You can even add props like reindeer ears, Santa hats, or party horns to engage your guests. 

Don’t overcomplicate the Menu – Holiday parties are a great time for guests to mingle with coworkers they might not see every day. This year, forgo a plated meal and opt for a cocktail-style reception with food stations. Not only is it a great way to get your guests interacting in a mixer-style fashion, but it’s also an easy way to address food allergies and dietary restrictions.

Leave it to Your Encore Experience Team – Because we’ve planned countless holiday events, let us help. Just like the rest of your coworkers, you’ve worked hard all year long. Don’t miss out on your own party by stressing over the details throughout the event! The simplest additions to your holiday party can leave a lasting impression. Talk to your Encore account representative today about how you can incorporate these ideas to make your 2023 holiday party the best yet. 

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