Are you using creative content to its fullest potential? You should be.

Gone are the days of standing in front of a crowd with a simple slide presentation and expecting your audience to remain tuned in — that’s sort of like serving an unseasoned meal.It’s bland and forgettable.

From industry award shows and product launches to investor conferences and corporate gatherings, innovative presenters and thought leaders know that attendees need to feel a sense of connection and engagement throughout the entire event to effectively deliver their message. If you want your audience to have a positive and lasting impression that lives on long after your event is over, ensuring that you’re set up for success right from the get-go is crucial.

But how can you take your event to the next level and get the buzzworthy feedback you need?

Lighting and sound:

From dazzling light shows that dance across the room (or screen) to subtle changes in mood lighting throughout your presentation, the use of appropriate lighting can drastically affect the feeling of an event. It helps shape the subject matter and subconsciously sets the tone for your attendees. Fuse it together with stirring music, crystal-clear audio, and sound effects, and you’ll successfully build upon the spirit of your event with satisfying results.


People love a good story. It brings them together in conversation and draws on the human experience. Incorporating unique storytelling methods, whether experientially, like Chime Live SM , which leads people on a narrated and immersive journey, a lively performance, or an impactful video, the use of storytelling in all its forms is a powerful tool when harnessed well. During hybrid events, it’s a guaranteed method to keep remote viewers engaged as if they were seated in the crowd. Explore presenting your subject matter as a punchy animated short, a documentary-inspired video that humanizes your subjects, or perhaps a visually impressive clip that will pull your audience to the edge of their seats.

Space design:

Imagine entering a thoughtfully designed space that embodies your event’s theme and message, all while presenting your company’s brand in a memorable way. Through an array of creative design techniques such as bespoke imagery, custom installations, sound, lights, and backdrops, , every detail should be considered.

Whether your planning small-scale boardroom meetings with minimal room alterations to galas requiring a venue makeover, when you take the time to make your location stand out, you’ll find that the overall experience is enhanced tenfold. This goes for hybrid events as well, since creating a customized online space that ensures remote attendees feel included is vital.

Graphics and imagery:

Make a splash with a customized backdrop. Showcase your business’ brand and make a statement with inspiring visuals. Not only is integrating creative imagery into your presentation a fabulous way to support your message, but as every great presenter knows, it’s fundamental in keeping your audience engaged.

Content creation:

The answer is content creation. A feature that’s often underutilized and absolutely shouldn’t be.

No matter what type of event you’re hosting—in-person or hybrid—when you incorporate a variety of thoughtful and creative content techniques, you’ll quickly see that it’s a sure-fire way to boost excitement.

Creative content is the absolute key to capturing attention and truly connecting with your audience. Now that you know the secret that makes up a memorable event, you’re ready to inspire your guests and drive your message to the next level.

Interested in exploring how Encore can help you achieve this? Connect with our team of creative wizards to make your next event a win!
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