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Nicole Russell

Nicole and team were unexpectedly given four hours to transform a hotel suite into an event hosted annually for women in leadership and VIP customers. Just 45 minutes before guests arrived, they learned an unexpected, framed sign for a major sponsor was too large to move up to the room. But that’s okay. This is what Encore’s people do every day.

Nicole Russell

General Manager
The Challenge

Encore in Sydney, Australia, never hesitates, even when there is a change in plan to the original timeline. This is exactly what happened when an unexpected late checkout left only four hours to set up an annual VIP event for key customers. Plus, an unexpected oversized framed branding sign for a major sponsor didn’t fit in the elevator or stairwell, and it couldn’t be disassembled. Just 45 minutes from doors opening and with two merchandise lines on the display, it would have been an incredibly missed opportunity to not set the stage.

The Solution

Noticing the sponsor was in a frenzy making calls for an alternative branding solution, Nicole thought fast on her feet with an idea. She engaged her production team to provide the perfect solution. The Encore team obtained sponsor approval and raced into action to deliver a monitor and supporting gear to the suite. The Coach® Australia logo was provided electronically and placed above the purse line display for all to see with 10 minutes to spare. Collaboration, on-site solutions, and creative problem-solving helped the team overcome unexpected obstacles.

The Result
With years of experience guiding the collaboration, Nicole led her team to seize the opportunity of turning the hotel suite into a special event for all participating. The client was thrilled to have such a successful event, and the sponsor was relieved to have their last-minute problem solved. The invitation-only luxe “Girls’ Night In” event, was a brilliant success, and everyone got the VIP treatment.

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