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Eager to attract new distributors, jewelry designer Sara Blaine was planning a special event at Le Meridien Atlanta Perimeter to showcase her jewelry collection, eSBe. The event would be crucial for her small business, so she needed each of her current and new custom designs to dazzle. Enter Jazz and team ready to deliver down to every last illuminating detail. 

Jazz Thomas

Director, Event Technology
  • Enjoys learning about new event technology and tools
The Challenge
With her jewelry showcase event just one week away, Sara visited the venue for a pre-event walk-through. She mentioned that she wished the ballroom where her custom designs would be displayed featured daylight lighting, which she felt would really make all of her jewelry pieces shine. As a natural troubleshooter, Jazz sprang into action to execute on her vision.
The Solution
With over a thousand events under his belt, Jazz was able to use his lighting expertise and personal research to determine which new LED daylight fixtures would provide the right wattage, brightness and light beam pattern to source them. He then worked with Le Meridien to replace 25 key ballroom lights above the showcase tables with the new bulbs to ensure both Sara and her jewelry would be radiant at the event.
Key Solutions Used in This Story
Show ManagementAudiovisual Solutions
     Lighting Solutions
Key Solutions Used in This Story

Show Management


Audiovisual Solutions

Lighting Solutions 

The Result

Thanks to Jazz’s solution-oriented mindset, Sara’s event was a success. She was incredibly impressed with Jazz’s initiative, technical problem solving and the end result. The venue was equally pleased. The lighting fixtures he installed added such brilliance to the space that the venue itself decided to not only keep them in place but matched all lights in the ballroom to preserve the same ambiance. As for Sara, she continues to utilize Le Meridien and partner with Encore for her events, having seen Jazz go out of his way to elevate each detail, creating the right environment for an excellent experience. 

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