In the world of events, we often speak about creating wellness for our attendees, but in the busy life of an event planner, it can be especially tough to take care of yourself. Long, busy days are the norm, and when you spend that time coordinating every detail for your attendees, it can be easy to forget about taking care of yourself.

Installing wellness for your delegates is proven to have positive results; they are more attentive, energized, an open to interaction which supports the groundwork for creating successful events. However, if you want to continue producing successful events, it must start with you – here are some things you can do to support the lifestyle as an event planner.

Eat well

Not every venue has easy access to a food court, and not every event schedule allows adequate time to go and get something to eat. Plan ahead and understand the ability to access food.

When putting together your production schedule, be sure to schedule meal breaks in for yourself.

Alternatively, you can reach out to the catering company ahead of time and ask them to put something together to can eat before your guests begin arriving, and, or ask them to save a plate that you can have during the tear down process.

Take vacations to refresh and unplug

We are lucky in Canada to have 10 paid vacation days per calendar year. Taking a vacation or simply taking time off to rest will benefit your energy levels exponentially. Try to plan your vacation around downtimes, or after the production of an event. If you’re a planner that travels a lot for work, collect frequent flyer points, and use them when you need to get away.

Get enough sleep

This can be especially hard if you are required to be on-site for all of your events. If you are in that scenario, try to slip in a few naps before your event. If you take the train or a cab, try to squeeze in a little rest into your commute. If you want to get a decent night’s sleep and stay healthy, it’s a good idea to put that smartphone away or limit the use of it when you’re winding down for bed – your emails will be there in the morning.

Have a wellness kit

If you are a wedding planner you always have a wedding emergency kit on hand should you need to use it. A wedding emergency kit includes items that keeps the bride refreshed, along with disaster backup items such as safety pins, and chalk to cover a small dress stain. Similarly, pack a small wellness kit that contains bottled water, a granola bar, band-aids, vitamins, Tylenol, lavender oil to help stay calm in stressful situations, and a cell phone charger to keep your peace of mind is a great take with your accessory. Bring it with you to every event.

There is a reason airline attendants tell you to secure your mask before assisting others; to be able to do what you do, continue doing it, and be at your absolute best, you first need to take care of yourself. Taking care of your personal wellness will make you more efficient, and strategic because your energy levels are better, your mind will be better equipped to overcome those frequent event challenges. You will be sick less often, your clients and coworkers will love the new calmer you, and overall your body and mind will thank you. Making sure that you are at your best health will position you to be running successful events for years to come.


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