A Bird’s Eye View of the Encore IMEX America Setup

The Encore IMEX America experience started with reviewing objectives and parameters to develop a plan to achieve the 2023 goals. Event strategy and design informed the layout, content and technology solutions to inspire creativity, problem-solving and collaboration.

Our Creative Content Studio developed the assets to evoke emotional connections brought to life by audiovisual design and technology. The goal was to awaken individual senses to create an experience that was not just captivating but unforgettable. 

Solutions Featured:




Immersive Theater & Happy Place

Elevate Emotional Resonance with Multisensory Experiences

  • Robotic LED Lights
  • LED Uplights
  • Multi-Channel Stereo Headsets
  • Line Array Speakers
  • Encore Music
  • LED Laser Projectors
  • Rounded Corner, Wrap-Around Screens
  • Aroma Machine

Think Easy

Promote Discussion & Community

  • LED Uplights
  • Plexiglass

Hologram Experience

Power Engagement & Impact
Through Innovation

  • Hologram Technology

The Break Free Birdcage &
Welcome Station

Generate Buzz & Build Community

  • Custom Rigging (entire activation)
  • Theatrical Lighting (entire activation)
  • LED Monitors
  • Chime Live
  • AR Posters

Fireside Chats

Enhance Learning & Promote Interaction

  • LED Monitor
  • Slide Presenter Cue

Partner with Encore to create a novel multisensory journey that connects your attendees, opens up possibilities and leaves everyone with lasting memories. Schedule a consultation today.