Ask “What If…?” And You Will Change the World

In a world where technological capacity is only increasing, it’s time to take a step back and look at what makes us distinctively human. What are the elements that we bring and what power do they hold?

For this year’s talking point, the IMEX Group explores the idea of imagination. Behind every successful event is the imagination of an event professional, and the practical skillset to bring those ideas to life. Every planner, every day, uses their creativity to make waves in the industry – something technology cannot replace.

In association with IMEX, PSAV sponsored the development of “The Year of Imagination: 15 Stories to Inspire Your Next Event.” This industry whitepaper champions the power of imagination and identifies three pillars to demonstrate the idea: transformation and collaboration, diversity and inclusivity, and sustainability.

Taking Action

When we ask ourselves “What If…?” we open our minds up to a whole new world of possibilities. Take the steps today to learn how planners are putting these concepts into action by downloading the whitepaper and sharing our new infographic (click here for full resolution).

IMEX Infographic

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