You have an event coming up that requires AV, you’ve done some research and narrowed it down to a short list of AV partners. Now you are left with comparing which one is best for you and your event. Here are some things to consider when trying to decide which AV partner to work with.


Level of expertise

Do they know how to do what you need them to? If so, how well?

What is their level of experience in delivering the type of event you are executing? For example, if you are having an outdoor Gala dinner, you want to know that the partner you elect has experience working in that type of environment.

Asking for relevant references or similar examples of work can help you glean ideas and understand the scope of services they are able to deliver.



Pricing is always a factor as budgets are lean and we are always trying to do more for less, but consider the price if something goes wrong.

A recent study from Qualtrics on Customer Experience stated 86% of buyers will pay more for a better brand experience. How much is the overall experience worth; the pre-planning experience of working with them, as well as the experience you deliver to your attendees and stakeholders. You are already spending money on other aspects of the event, the last thing you want is to sacrifice those dollars if your audience cannot hear your presenters.

There are other factors to consider when it comes to pricing. If you think of total investment versus dollars it may impact your view. An investment could mean time spent such as what else is required, is there more value to a dollar for one company vs. another. As many of us know, pricing can be related to quality. Quality delivery, quality product, and quality service. At the end of the day, you are trying to deliver the highest value to your stakeholders, it would be logical to use an AV partner that can deliver the highest value for your investment.


The Team

Who are you working with, and who is your main point of contact? What expertise does the team have? What are their passions and what commitment do they bring to your event?

Anyone can provide the gear, but it’s the people who make an event great. You want to know that the team supporting your event is invested into the success as much as you are.

When it comes to any project or event planning, strong communication is imperative. How responsive are the AV partners? Do they make you feel comfortable that everything has been accounted for? Planner you rely on your partners for their expertise and support, you want a team that can support every technical aspect.


Having a deep discussion early in the planning process can support a more confident decision simply because you have had more discussions with that partner and they understand more about you, which results in a better and more collaborative relationship.


Decision Chart

Before making a final decision here are some questions to ask yourself. You can also try ranking each question on a scale from 1-3 noted below and totalling the final score.

3 =Strong Yes.

2 =Somewhat

1 =No.

Question Partner A Score Partner B Score Partner C Score
How confident am I that the AV partner can provide the service and delivery I need them to?
Will this partner help me achieve my objectives successfully?
If something goes wrong, what backups does that supplier have in place?
Do I like the account team that has been working with me and will be working with me?
Does the partner work collaboratively with me and bring creativity to my event?


Making a decision on which AV partner to work with is not always easy, each partner often has their own features and benefits. If you can decide what is most important for you when working with someone, you can decipher which partner is best to suit your needs.


If you have an event coming up and are in the process of looking for an AV partner connect with us now to discuss more.


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