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Registration is one of the first touchpoints attendees will have with your event, so making the process easy, efficient, and enticing is vital. Together, Encore and Cvent deliver leading event registration and attendee management solutions coupled with Encore’s award-winning production services for in-person, virtual and hybrid events.

Online event registration - made easy.

A smart, flexible and powerful event registration system.
Managing registration for virtual attendee doesn’t have to be a complicated, time-consuming task when you have the right system and people behind you. Cvent’s Registration solution is designed with simplicity in mind yet developed with the sophistication to support even the largest and most complex events. The best part is the software integrates perfectly with the Encore Chime Live engagement platform and the Cvent Attendee Hub, providing you with a convenient, complete event production solution.

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The benefits of using a trusted registration system

With Encore managing your registration and attendee management, you, the event planners, can spend more time focusing on what you do best – coordinating a transformative and engaging event. 

Below are some additional ways event planners can benefit from the Cvent Registration solutions from Encore:

  • Easy integration: The system is designed to easily pair with event platforms such as Chime Live and Attendee Hub via a secure API connection.

  • Cost-effective: Encore customers can enjoy access to the robust Cvent Registration solution on a per-event basis without the need for a costly enterprise agreement. The solution is available in two packages to cater to different event needs.

  • Convenient & Customizable: The registration built provides customizable and fast turnaround needs, with pre-designed templates and a simple user interface.

  • Ticketing & payment options: Allows event planners to securely charge for registering such as tickets.
  • Safe & secure: We take data security seriously. Attendee information is encrypted using 256-bit Transport Layer Security protocol and securely stored in data centers. The Cvent payment gateway is also certified Level 1 compliant to the PCI Data Security Standards. Cvent registration products are GDPR compliant, for attendees in the European Union, ensuring customer data is safe and secure.


  • Tailor registration requirements: Flexible form fields to capture the information you need. Event Planners can customize registration based on multiple registrant types and registration fields such as members vs non-members.

  • Reliable attendee management and reporting: Capture overall registration trends as well as detailed attendee reporting.


Customizable packages to meet your event requirements

Cvent registration is a standalone registration product that enables Encore to offer event planners a seamless attendee registration solution for virtual and hybrid events. Packages are designed to meet various attendee management requirements and range from a simple attendee list through to more advanced registration requirements that can:

                                                      • capture more data
                                                      • register attendees for different sessions and tracks
                                                      • process payments
                                                      • validate registrations
                                                      • track attendees through the process.


The Express+ Registration package offers event planners a simple, cost-effective single page registration solution.

Package Inclues:

  • Standard customization
  • Your choice of template
  • Basic event information with standard registration fields
  • Choose between Open, Capped or Manual Registration management
  • Basic reporting
  • Complete end-to-end support from Encore
  • Flex+

    The Flex+ Registration package offers event planners a more advanced solution with a multipage site that allows event planners to charge registration fees.

    Package Inclues:

  • Advanced customization
  • Your choice of template
  • Unlimited registration fields and event information
  • Payment processing
  • Choose between Open, Capped or Manual Registration management
  • Reporting
  • Complete end-to-end support from Encore