How a Multi-National Professional Services Network Elevated their Attendee Engagement through Production

Finding creative ways to engage attendees in a virtual setting has always been a challenge. Today, with virtual and hybrid meetings a new norm, and zoom fatigue on the rise, it has only become even more exacerbated.

In late September, one organization was looking to ensure their event overcame the redundancy of online meetings and surpassed their audience expectations when it came to interactivity and participation. Here’s how they made that happen.   

Bringing Together Key Stakeholders

This Multi-National Professional Services Network hosts an annual Conference for their Partners. This 2-day internal event brings together all the Partners across Canada in an undisclosed location each year. This year, the event was supposed to take place in Montreal, but had to transition to a virtual event due to the pandemic. As a result, the conference chairs were looking to ensure their virtual event was as engaging and interactive as their in-person program for their 850 participants.

Elevating Engagement Through Production

Planning and Pre-Production

Our client engaged Encore early in their planning process which allowed our team members to develop a deep understanding of their program and provide strategic recommendations when it came to production. With the level of production required for this event, Encore ensured the right roles were filled for the jobs required, including a Show Producer, Creative Director, and team of technical, digital, and content specialists. With the right production team in place, Encore was able to ensure proper attention was dedicated to pre-production. Furthermore, Encore could advise on technology and production schedules. This included managing 7-day bookings for 2 of Encore’s Presentation Stages™ to ensure polished presentations, panels, and rehearsals.  

Creative Elements

Custom chime live platform Network partner conference

Another important facet of the event production were the creative elements. Our Creative Services team provided creative direction for their conference theme, and recommendations for how to thread their theme throughout their event to make it a seamless and interesting experience for attendees. This included video production including their signature opening conference video; content development for their LED wall and PowerPoint presentations; and content management for their mix of pre-recorded sessions and live presentations.

Engaging Event Technology

With a sound understanding of the event, Encore was able to confidently recommend the right event technology solutions that would engage the audience. The 850 participants connected through a custom Chime Live platform, designed to match the conference theme. Engagement tools included Encore Canada’s Slido for secure voting and Video Networking Lounge, Powered by Rally, for the various networking sessions within the Chime platform to help attendees connect and replicate that live-event networking experience.

Network partner conference objective- image

Maximum Engagement and High Production Value

At the end of the event, the Multi-National Professional Services Network was thrilled with how the Partner’s Conference went. The CEO and Senior Partner commented, “Another year of partnering with Encore has resulted in a highly successful Partners’ Conference. Although this year our firm had to pivot to a fully virtual model, the Encore team embraced the concept and worked with our internal team to ensure maximum engagement and high production value. This year we also expanded our teaming with Encore to include much more on the creative services side, the production of our signature “opening conference” video and using the Chime platform to host our virtual livestream. We brought Encore to the table early which resulted in a trusted advisor relationship that we value”.

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