From corporate conventions to music and arts festivals, crowds keep getting bigger. Fortunately, technology is keeping up with the trend. Over the last few years, there have been massive steps forward in technology to offer an intimate experience to every single individual in a crowd of thousands. Bands on stage have massive productions, and sophisticated light shows armed with lasers, holograms, projections, and backing screens, so every single person in the crowd can feel like they are right on stage.

The truth is that any event — from a corporate presentation or a product launch to a conference with 100,000 people — can have this kind of technology and this “wow-factor.” Here are a few “wow” worthy trends coming up in the tech scene that will revolutionize the event space:

    • Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence isn’t new to the event space landscape, but the leaps technology has made — even in the last few months — has transformed it into a key feature in recent events. It may even be the future of modern events. AI technology can recognize even the most subtle patterns in data and interpret in a streamlined, efficient way. These results can then be used to automate tasks, improving the efficiency of your entire event.

For example, imagine a networking event in the tech space with 50,000 attendees. AI technology could analyze a series of data — whether it be from a survey on the app, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, or information collected during the sign-up process — and use this information to streamline the practical aspects of the conference. From planning the logistical requirements to matching attendees with others who share a specific interest or connection, this technology could revolutionize how events are planned and operated. This AI technology can have massive benefits for the venue, the host, and every single attendee at a fraction of the expense of an operations team.

    • Facial-recognition technology

When people think of facial recognition technology, they are often more scared than excited. While there are risks of this kind of technology being used to compromise the privacy of ordinary people, it can also be used to enhance our understanding of how people think, feel, and interact. Imagine being able to tell which opening line for your presentation has a more powerful impact on the crowd of 5,000 individuals. Facial recognition technology can be used to provide real-time monitoring of the emotions of people in a crowd. It can also be used to take accurate results from a survey quickly and efficiently. As attendees give their answers, regardless of what they are saying, facial recognition technology will be able to identify their true feelings based on a vast amount of data.

One example of practical facial recognition tech is the app Photier. Upon downloading the app at an event, attendees take a selfie. The facial recognition technology in the app is connected with the photographers, who are taking pictures live throughout the conference. Every photo taken at the event is filtered through the app, and Photier instantly connects individual photographs with each person it recognizes in the frame. From uploading pictures to social media to making sure everyone at the event gets a copy of the photographs taken, this app is practical and convenient. Not only will this kind of technology help spark engagement and participation at corporate events or during team-building exercises, but it’s even great for sharing photos at weddings and private parties.

    • Projection technology

Projection technology will soon become a household feature, and it is already revolutionizing the event space. With massive screens, crystal-clear projections, and stunning special effects, projections can make your conference or event feel more like a movie on the big screen. In a practical sense, projections controlled by a tablet or smart device can add intuitive features to the presentation. Not only will this increase audience engagement, but it will create an unforgettable experience that is sure to keep your ideas top-of-mind. Whether you need to spice up a small-screen presentation or want an epic backdrop for your keynote speaker, custom projection technology can create a visual experience that will immerse your audience in the world of whatever is on screen.

    • 5G 

Regardless of what kind of event you are hosting, bringing tens of thousands of people to a small community can wreak havoc on the local cell signal. 5G technology for events will make “bad internet” a problem of the past. Consider the difference between current 4G technology (when your cell phone isn’t on WiFi) and the previous 3G technology. From dropped calls and spotty cell signals to slow-loading videos, 3G is simply archaic compared to the speed and efficiency of 5G. Not only will widespread 5G change the event space, but it might also even change the world. Regardless of your location, you will have access to a perfect cell signal that allows you to browse the web, watch live videos, or scroll through multiple apps without any delay.

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