May 16 2018

After what seems like a very long winter, warm weather is very much welcome this year.  Many event planners are gearing up for the outdoor event season of concerts, weddings, and retreats. But no matter what type of events you plan, using the outdoors to your advantage has a refreshing experience for your attendees when incorporated appropriately.

There are great benefits of being outdoors. Physical and mental health improvements include vitamin D production, increase in positive moods, lower anxiety, stress, and depression, and better-focused attention, particularly in those who have trouble concentrating. With those advantages in mind, when and where possible, getting your attendees to experience the outdoors at your event is elemental.

What are some possible ways you can incorporate the outdoors at your events?


Breakout Sessions

Take your group out of their standard office environment and bring them to an outdoor area with great space, and oxygen. Outdoor space gives you an ability to have a group circle, rather than individual rounds or theatre seating. A group circle allows equal participation, where everyone can see each other and is great for interactive sessions or even single speaker delivery. On the focus benefit, your attendees will be more engaged in the content, less distracted and ultimately gain more value from the session’s content.

Outdoor Receptions

Having a reception outdoors really allows the ability to be unique with décor and lighting. Whether it is a dinner reception, cocktail reception, networking reception, or simply an area where guests can socialize; an outdoor environment sets a different mood and atmosphere where guests feel at ease.
The moving air and calmer winds are favourable compared to the crowded reception foyers.

Roof Top Patios for Networking

Many great venues understand the importance of allowing groups the ability to get some fresh air, and as a result, have made rooftop patios available in a popular location. It’s a good way to keep your group together at the same facility, and have a networking event with a skyline backdrop.

Team Building

When it comes to team building, there are some great outdoor activities that allow your group to get physically moving, and mentally ready to focus. If you have ever been to a summer camp, there are some great games that get everyone working together in a fun collaborative way.  Some activities could include an amazing race where teams work together to navigate and decipher a final destination, or the game of possibilities, where you give an object to a group, and one by one they demonstrate the usage without verbal communication making the rest of the team guess what the object has become. There are many outdoor team building games and activities build communication, and problem-solving skills. There are many companies you can work with to host your outdoor team building games if you have larger group needs.

Outdoor events can present amazing opportunities, but no matter where and when your event is held, every planner knows there are always additional factors to account for. Here are some.

Things to consider for outdoor events


The weather.

Every outdoor planner hopes for a warm, non-windy, and very-sunny execution day, but mother-nature often has its own production schedule. Make sure you have a backup plan. Work with your venue to schedule an emergency room, or space, in the scenario where weather conditions could prevent a positive event experience.


If you’re outdoor event or activity includes food and beverage services, make sure you use a caterer that is experienced in outdoor environments. Based on the duration of your service, proper selection and storage should accommodate your outdoor climates to keep food and beverages fresh. A disadvantage to outdoor dining is the uninvited guests in the form of insects, so ensure to have proper food coverage and protection, along with food-safe bug repellent.

Technical Requirements.

If your event will be into the evening hours you may require lighting for your guests and for food services. Additionally, if you have audio requirements such as music, or microphones, work with an AV expert that can calculate your requirements to ensure the best outdoor sound and lighting coverage for your venue, activities and environment.

Think about ways you can give your attendees a breath of fresh air, keep them together, and provide a change of scenery. If you have ever heard someone say “I need some air” at your event, they are expressing exactly that. When all factors are considered, you have the ability to create an event worth remembering.

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