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Elevate Your Events

With online meetings now a part of our everyday norm, the need for new ways to meet and engage is greater than ever. Attendees want to connect on their terms, through their preferred medium at their convenience.  Additionally, the concept of continuous meetings and the ability to build communities between events offers incredible opportunities.

Since 2009, Encore has been seamlessly connecting in-person and virtual audiences with hybrid event production. As your trusted partner, we offer a full range of event solutions and expertise — not just to ensure the show goes on, but to cut through the clutter in new and imaginative ways, elevating your important events for greater impact.

Elevate Your Virtual or Hybrid Event Experience

Let us help you find the right solution.

With hundreds of event platforms on the market today, choosing the right seamless event solution can be daunting.  So, we’ve curated a portfolio of best-in-class platforms, selecting partners with deep industry expertise to meet your needs.  From self-managed one-hour online meetings to fully-managed multi-day conferences and tradeshows, we can help you find the best solution and recommend the right level of support from Encore production and technology specialists. 

Cvent Attendee Hub®

Guided Self-Service Platform
Elevate your virtual event experience beyond streaming services with Cvent Attendee Hub. Create more memorable, measurable, and valuable experiences for your attendees. Provides solutions to plan, promote, and drive engagement for your virtual and hybrid events reliably and securely.
Cvent Attendee Hub®

Chime GoSM

Quick Start Full-Service App
Chime Go is a fully-supported, quick start event app that’s easy, affordable & professional.​ We can configure Chime Go in multiple ways to support your in-person, virtual & hybrid meetings. With Encore experts by your side, feel confident that you can take your event to the next level.
Chime GoSM

Chime LiveSM

Choreographed Event Experiences
Transform your next event with the Chime Live platform, built to drive engagement whether your attendees are joining onsite, online or in combination. Our full-service solution can be customized to tell your story, highlight what’s important deliver the outcomes you need – before, during and after your event.
Chime LiveSM

Virtual Event Platform

Immersive Virtual Expos & Conferences
Immerse remote attendees in event spaces that emulate the in-person experience with the Notified Virtual Event platform. Encore and Notify are redesigning the experience to bring you seamless large-scale hybrid conferences and exhibitions with in-app streaming, production expertise and creative services.
Virtual Event Platform

Even if you bring your own platform, Encore can
provide creative, production, and technology support services to enhance your event.

End-to-End Event Expertise

Imagine having Creative, Production and Technology solutions fully integrated across your event. Think of the possibilities for seamlessly delivering consistent experiences across geographies, for multiple event types, and from year to year.
End-to-end solutions from Encore are a game-changer.

From the creative and strategy, to the platform, staging and lighting, we’ll customize every aspect of your hybrid or virtual event to your unique needs.

We’ll customize every aspect of your hybrid or virtual event to your unique needs. From the creative and strategy, to the platform, staging and lighting, and more.

Benefits of Hosting a Virtual or Hybrid Event

Going virtual or hybrid can help your organization realize many positive benefits that you may not have considered such as:

                                                  • Increased Attendance & Scalability
                                                  • Thought Leadership
                                                  • Networking
                                                  • New Revenue Streams
                                                  • Richer Event Data
                                                  • On-Demand Viewing Flexibility
                                                  • Expanded Social Reach

Types of Hybrid and Virtual Events

From boardroom meetings to multi-city conferences, with virtual presenters or broadcast studios — small, medium, large or any level of complexity — we’ve got you covered with virtual and hybrid event solutions that meet your needs.

Your strategic partner at every stage.

It’s our mission to be an invaluable partner on your journey to success.

Even at the “what if” stage, our strategists and designers work with you to envision the most engaging ways to inspire participants. Utilizing the latest technology solutions, we can help turn those “what ifs” into “why not?”

From creative, to production, to technology; for hybrid, virtual, or in-person events, no matter the size, or venue, there’s nothing we can’t do.

We’ll guide you at every step of your event planning.

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Virtual & Hybrid Event Case Studies

Need some inspiration? Check out our virtual and hybrid case studies for some real world examples of our successful customer collaborations. 

Virtual & Hybrid Event Case Studies