Four Options for Top Easy-to-use Fundraising Apps

If you are in the not-for-profit or fundraising business, collecting donations is a key objective for your events. Although traditional auctions and donation collection still exists, the rise of mobile bidding apps have made it easier than ever to reach your fundraising goals. Some non-profits have reported a 30% increase in their fundraising revenue after implementing mobile bidding technology at their special events.

At events, bidding tables can become crowded, not to mention those donors who are adamant on going home with the item in question-and are willing do whatever it takes. With a mobile bidding app, donors no longer have to wait in lines or battle each other at the table. Instead, it allows donors to complete the bidding process within a couple minutes on their own device, leaving more time to enjoy the event, and less time combating lines or competitors.

There are many of easy-to-use fundraising apps already out there to help you reach your event fundraising goals and engage your audience to donate. Here are 4 options that our clients would recommend.

32 auctions

32 auction is an easy online silent auction website. You can choose a custom link for your organization or cause, personalize it by applying your branding, displaying a goal meter, highlighting sponsors, and more. Enter 1 to 1000 items with descriptions and images.


  • Free Basic Features option.
  • Organizers and attendees can receive instant notifications: Keep participants engaged in the items they’re interested in by notifying them of recommendations and availability. They can also choose to pay for their items online and also track and manage their auction even while on the go at the event or after they leave.
  • Auctions are private: You have the ability to determine who bids based on who you share your auction URL with.


Auction Frogs is an event auction management solution that provides a custom event website where you can sell event tickets, manage tables and sponsorships, assign bid numbers, promote silent and live auction items in an electronic catalog, print bid sheets and item detail sheets, assign bid numbers, enter winning bids and purchases from the evening’s event, auction off supplemental items, invoice guests, email receipts, and more.
Auction Frogs has a team of people that will manage tasks and complete jobs traditionally assigned to volunteers.


  1. Customized event website
  2. Social Media integration
  3. Fund a Need donation collection
  4. Donate an Item page option
  5. Customized email messaging
  6. Bid Wars. and Auto Bidding option
  7. Advertising space for sponsors
  8. Online payment processing options
  9. Comprehensive reporting
  10. Dedicated account support


GiveSmart by Community Brands provides solutions such as event management, mobile giving, live and silent auctions, customizable event sites, text-to-give, cloud-based campaign management, integrated ticketing, seating management, and more.


  1. Mobile Friendly Customizable Event Site:  Rich text, video, and enhanced image placement are all available within the platform.
  2. Mobile bidding: Allow donors to support your organization from anywhere. Mobile bidding is the fastest growing trend in fundraising.
  3. Text-to-Give: Accept donations via text year-round and well after your event concludes. With a dedicated keyword per campaign, you can track the success and awareness.
  4. You receive a dedicated Event Coordinator: They help to navigate and advise on everything from selecting the right items to starting prices to event timelines, to even releasing the funds after the event concludes.
  5. Collect and Analyze data: GiveSmart’s post event reports generates information and data to understand who is bidding on what and how you can improve that experience for future events.


Givergy is a fundraising technology company who offers a range of cutting-edge platforms to help charities raise more at events and online.


  1. Interactive Silent Auction Technology
  2. Interactive Pledging Technology
  3. Online Auction Websites
  4. Lot Items Provision
  5. Fundraising Technology
  6. Event Ticketing
  7. Event Registration
  8. Charity Auctions
  9. Auction Items: They offer an extensive range of exclusive auction items is you are looking to top up your inventory or are looking for easy items. Whether to supplement your own, or to create the perfect mix for your target audience, our auction item experts are here to help.
  10. Fundraising Consultants, and Online Fundraising

Mobile Fundraising apps are a great way to capture audience members who cannot make it to the event, allowing supporters to connect with your cause and bid items through the app. You can reach a larger audience than ever before. Most of the apps offer varying levels of insights and analytics, this data can help planners and organizations make better informed decisions about future guest lists, bidding items and event planning, to make your next event even more successful.

If you are interested in any of the fundraising apps reach out to them directly. For Audio Visual needs or to learn more about event technology connect with us now!


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