Why should you work with a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) to address your event organization and management needs? The CMP program assesses event personnel on their history in the industry, educational background and performance on a certification exam. Working with a Certified Meeting Professional can benefit your company in many ways and provide peace of mind that your event is in qualified hands.

What is the CMP program?

The Events Industry Council, previously known as the Convention Industry Council, is the trade body behind the CMP designation. The group describes its mission as promoting and championing quality standards and professional execution within the event organization space. The EIC has been conferring the CMP credential on the best of the best since 1985.

Top event coordinators and AV companies like FMAV frequently work with CMP’s to ensure the highest quality event solutions and most savvy recommendations are delivered across the board.The CMP credential is recognized globally as a symbol of excellence in the meeting, convention, exhibition, and overall event industry. The collection of CMP’s represents every sector of the industry, from corporations and associations to government and institutional organizations.

The goal of the CMP program is to increase the expertise and sophistication of meeting and event professionals in all sectors of the industry. The program focuses on promoting industry standards, practices, and ethics, advancing the art and science of meeting management, and maximizing the value received from the products and services provided by CMP.

In order to be certified, the planner is required to have several years of recent professional industry employment experience, education, and complete a rigorous exam. Event Management Blog collated some responses from industry insiders who have become CMP’s, and they noted they prepared extensively for the exam. Furthermore, CMP certification creates an informal network devoted to continuous improvement and innovation. Once approved as CMP’s, these event professionals often collaborate on efforts to advance the state of the events industry.

What knowledge do CMPs possess?

CMP’ come from all professions around the events industry representing corporations, associations, governmental, and institutional organizations. With meaningful assessments and requirements to be met, there is an assurance in knowing that you are working with a CMP. These vetted individuals have stores of knowledge about the latest practices in the sector and push it forward. Effective event leadership, seamless execution, and innovative ideas can originate from experts who have given their full professional focus to creating great outcomes.

The EIC keeps its CMP curriculum up to date through the intervention of a governance commission, top professionals chosen to make sure the standards of the test and related certification reflect the way events are being organized and run today. The standards touch every section of event organization and management, ranging from the planning side to providers of the physical supplies needed to run a corporate conference, with consultants also making their voices heard.

The wide-ranging CMP membership means practices and standards known by the certified individuals cover all corners of the sector, infusing consistency and professionalism. These are important traits to have when creating a tentpole event for a company, especially if you will be working with a third-party event team for the first time.

The necessity of events

The meetings industry has grown over the past few years exponentially, becoming an essential part of corporate branding and constantly taking on new technological elements. The industries best professionals within the sector have led the way in client experience. These individuals have earned their CMP status, cementing their knowledge and expertise with the approval of the events industry counsel.

When an industry gathering is run to a high standard, it can be fertile ground for new business relationships, lead generation and brand building. With this much pressure on corporate event planning, the proven knowledge of a CMP’s is invaluable for achieving an unparalleled success.


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