As many as 1 out of every 5 meetings you plan in 2023 might be hybrid, according to the Encore Fall 2022 Planner Pulse Report. This expectation comes with a unique set of advantages and challenges. Incorporating a hybrid element can increase your message’s reach, include people who are otherwise unable (or unwilling) to come and decrease in-person costs while boosting attendance numbers. However, planning for the two separate experiences, managing increased technology costs, and effectively engaging both in-person and remote participants become top concerns for meeting and event professionals.

Learn effective solutions for navigating these issues in ‘The Dual Event Mindset,’ the fourth section of the Encore Break Free from Conventional Thinking Guidebook. Get your free copy and discover how to take your dual-audience events to the next level. 

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Dual Event Mindset
Learn how to enhance your hybrid events by conquering top challenges

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