CSAE Ottawa-Gatineau’s Tête-à-Tête

Client: CSAE Ottawa-Gatineau
Venue: EY Centre, Ottawa
Date: April 2022


Encore Canada’s team aided CSAE Ottawa-Gatineau’s Tête-à-Tête national trade show that took in venue partner the EY Centre. The trade show was most significant considering it was a national comeback for in-person exhibitions, so Encore Canada wanted to reintroduce our brand in a new and meaningful way.

Our goal to establish an identity among clients as one new brand was tackled with the help of MediaLab creative producers and Marketing as they developed a sub-campaign called “We are…” that bridged our past. Easing our new brand into the market and reinforcing our diversity and true passion for events was critical.


  • Scenic and set elements throughout the space including a custom fabricated 3-sided rear-projection screen for the immersive video reveal

  • Moving light technology, multi-screen playback, pyrotechnic-like effects, lasers, and an elevating internal 20'x20' truss structure to reveal the booth behind the screens

  • AR Discovery Gallery with inanimate printed images transformed into dimensional digital stories without the need to download and install an app on your device

  • Constructed a ground supported cube truss to be used as a ‘super-structure’

  • Screens and additional production elements were hung from the inner truss square which flew up during the experience to reveal the booth behind the screens


“Words cannot express how proud I am of this team and our entire Encore family across Canada. This is just one example of the amazing experiences we can create together! Our Encore family has so much talent and innovation in our DNA, I can't wait to see the experiences we all create together as our clients move back to in-person events. Bravo team! Bravo!!”

Brian Johnston, Director of Creative Strategy, Encore Canada

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