Planning an AGM

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) was looking to host their annual general meeting to allow for shareholders to vote on important motions and have their questions answered by executives. Pivot to Virtual: Royal Bank of Canada’s Annual General MeetingCase StudyDemonstrated Experience -Virtual EventsRestrictions to Meeting Face-to-FaceThe bank’s AGM was scheduled to take place during unprecedented times where government regulation required no more than five people to meet face to face. This was going to be a challenge as the Bank Act stipulated that in order to pass motions they had to ensure quorum with the minimum required number of shareholders present. In addition, they required secure voting to pass motions and two-way communication to allow executives to answer shareholder questions.

The Pivot to Virtual

RBC entrusted FMAV to help produce a virtual AGM where attendees could participate remotely from the comfort of their own homes. FMAV worked with Lumito provide secure voting capabilities for all attendees online. Our long-term working relationship made it easy to integrate our webcast tools into the LumiAGM platform. To allow for two-way communication, FMAV ensured the appropriate chat features and internal connections were enabled for attendees to submit questions and hear executive responses. For multi-language functionality, FMAV engaged virtual SI support.

A Successful event

The Royal Bank of Canada’s virtual AGM broadcast went off without a hitch! RBC was able to pass motions, vote on their board of directors, and engage in two-way communication with their attendees. Though there was no face-to-face, FMAV provided a virtual setting that still enabled RBC to accomplish their business objectives.