The world of events has transformed, clients are implementing changes in the way they produce events to make them more environmentally friendly. Environmental responsibility and sustainability is an important concept that many companies are taking notice of and are actively making moves towards alternative options that better impact the planet now and in the future.

Implementing green practices into your events, your company and team can help reduce waste, conserve natural resources, improve both air and water quality, and protect ecosystems and biodiversity. Going green is not just good for the environment it’s good for your health because it reduces pollution, and improves the areas in which we live.

There are many ways you as an events professional can become more environmentally friendly in your events. Here are some potential suggestions that will benefit you, your client, and the planet.

Use Recycling Bins…Everywhere

It may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many events don’t actually have recycling bins and organic bins next to their waste containers. Be sure to position the recycling boxes next to, or near to food, so attendees don’t have to hunt in order to dispose of their items.

Select Reusable Materials

The next lunch or breakout session you organize, opt for silver utensils rather than plastic. It will be a nice touch into the quality of the dining experience and reduce the number of plastic forks that end up in a landfill.

If you are providing a delegate gift, a reusable water bottle can be a great sponsorship option that attendees will keep and use. In addition, rather than handing out plastic bags to collect tradeshow materials, source reusable grocery or lunch bags, they may cost a bit more, but can be positioned as another sponsorship opportunity.

Look at Various Transportation Options

When selecting a venue, consider one that is easily accessible by public transport, it will be more convenient for your attendees and will encourage them to use alternative modes of transportation compared to driving by themselves. If you produce very large municipal events, you may even be able to apply for group tickets/pricing on public transportation to help your attendees get around safely and economically.

Based on the type of events you plan, you can coordinate a carpool program where attendees from the same company can carpool together, which could advocate as a networking or team building opportunity.

Go Digital

We are increasingly changing our paper consumption into digital options for content delivery.

Digital signage solutions provide wayfinding and event information that can be changed in a moment compared to stationary printed signage.

Tradeshow booths often hand out many flyers, postcards, and magazines that cost a lot to produce and often times is not impressionable to delegates. Consider hosting your information online, or on an app, and showing them the information at the booth from an IPad; starting valuable conversations on specific points. You can even reroute delegates to that online location before, during, and after the event, where you can measure who is visiting, and provide information long after the tradeshow has concluded.

Sponsorship branding doesn’t need to be printed on a banner and positioned in 1 single location, you can work with your AV supplier to project your sponsors’ logo onto a surface; table, wall, or ground increasing view-ability and reducing waste. Additionally, If you’re simply having a large dinner function, perhaps project the menu on a wall, screen, or through an event app rather than printing menus for each table.

Consider Team Building Activities

Take an opportunity to help the planet through team building. Groups can work together to plant a tree or garden together as a part of your agenda. Not every event type will work seamlessly for this, however a green activity promotes positivity and coordination in groups in a way that supports mental wellness and fulfillment.

Run Recycling Incentive Programs

If you are very passionate about being environmentally sustainable and really want to make an impact, putting together a recycling program initiative may be an option. Some of these programs may include a clothing donation/swap, or an electronic recycling program where attendees can bring in old electronics for a credit towards a new device.

Reducing waste and making your event environmentally friendly can actually help to lower your cost and environmental impact, you spend less and achieve more by doing things differently and effectively using those opportunities to engage with your attendees in new and different ways.

If you would like to continue the discussion on how you can use AV at your event to be more environmentally sustainable, please connect with us now.


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