We all know the value of having décor at your event and the effect it takes from turning your 4 wall space into an event with a theme, mood, and feeling.

Many planners go to lengths to add details such as florals, seating, and draping to shape the energy of the event space and impress their guests. But what about the stage, what about the areas at your event that people are prone to taking photos?

What if you could support and promote your events brand and or sponsor branding with a backdrop that represents your theme.

There are innovative design and décor solutions that can accomplish just that called Scenic Tiles.

What are Scenic Tiles?

Scenic Tiles are individual tiles made of different designs and are assembled to achieve various looks. They can be interlocked and built as columns, or hung from truss as a stage backdrop, or even assembled as a photography backdrop.

Scenic Tiles can be tailored and customized for set design and production, and because of its versatility can range from small instalments to large-scale backdrops.

Projection lighting can be used to propel moving images, pictures, or colours to create a lively vibrant décor element.

Right for you if….

  • You are looking for a dynamic stage set up.
  • You are looking for versatile décor that can deliver a message, mood, or theme.
  • Press and media attend your events and you want to showcase your brand(s)
  • You want to deliver a unique experience to your sponsor(s).

How can it enhance your event?

Like décor, Scenic tiles can make ordinary events memorable by enhancing your events environment.

Because of their versatility, they can be used in various ways such as:

As a stage backdrop: Your speakers and presenters are delivering powerful content, it makes sense to have a stage set up that can capture attention and match that energy coming through.

As a photography backdrop: From flower walls, to garden backdrops, to custom printed photo backdrops, Scenic Tiles are another great option for those picture or press interview opportunities. Posing as social or professional to include your event logo, or sponsor logos, the tiles can be custom created to display branding and lit with colour variations, opening photos opportunities for a completely different look.

As floating décor pieces: Create a great first impression by capturing your attendee’s attention right away with dispersed décor around the entrance experience.

Personalization and customization have become large objectives to truly represent the event, the organization and the contributors of an event. To discover more about how scenic tiles can help you achieve your event goals and objectives connect with us now.


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