Holographic effects are an innovative way for audiences to consume content. We know holograms best from Hollywood blockbusters like Star Wars and Iron Man. But did you know these stunning visual effects can also be simulated at your next event?

Event technology companies continue to develop the technology and expertise needed to captivate your audiences in new ways and one of the latest methods is through the use of holographic effects. Here are some reasons to consider this dynamic imaging option for your next marketing initiative:

  • Grab their attention: Holograms instantly attract attendees attention due to their “unique” appearance, and will put the focus on your message/brand allowing you to stand out in a busy or distracting environment
  • Unreal possibilities: Holographic presentations allow your audience to virtually see objects on stage that otherwise wouldn’t be able to be presented in a stage/show environment
  • Memorable experience: Holograms can create a lasting effect on customers, inspiring them to take action and socially share your content, message and brand

When done right, these visual images can enhance your event space and allow people to interact with your brand on a whole other level. But in order to choose the right holographic effect for your project, it’s best to understand how holograms are created. It also helps to understand aesthetic trends, and why some effects are more powerful than others.

How do holograms work?

There are several ways to create a holographic effect in your event space and choosing the right method for your space is critical for the success of the effect. Factors such as ambient light, audience viewing angle, the content or message and your budget are huge determining elements that need to be considered prior to choosing the effect that is right for your event.

In order for your audience to see your holographic effect you need a surface for the projected light to interact with. This is because we do not see light directly, we see the reflection of light off of an object or surface. The chosen surface can be a sheet of glass with a film applied, a semi-transparent scrim material or a clear film suspended at a very precise angle to act as a two-way mirror. Each of these methods produces a different level of holographic effect and the right technique will depend on your content and event environment.

When are holograms most effective?

Whether you manage a world-class brand or boutique communications firm, holographic effects can make an impact at your next event. The consensus seems to be that holograms look great at tradeshows, big-stage gatherings and inside retail windows. Holograms are most effective in larger spaces because the distance is what makes an image appear solid, further lending to its realism.

If your company is trying to convey sophisticated product features, holographic effects are an excellent choice. It’s no secret that consumers have very short attention spans. But holograms have the ability to engage people for longer periods of time. By showcasing your offerings through a visually-stunning medium, your audience will pay attention long enough to process the information. Consumers will forget momentarily that they’re being marketed to, giving them a chance to interact freely with your brand.

In what scenarios can holograms be applied?

The audience, no matter where they are, will respond positively to exciting visual presentations that are aesthetically-stimulating. Although holograms often feature one large object or character, this engaging effects can be used to convey all sorts of concepts. For example, holograms can be used by keynote speakers to present information in unique ways — without relying on the traditional PowerPoint presentation.

Here are some fantastic ways in which this innovative technology has been used:

Why choose us to create your next hologram?

Encore Canada features an expert team of event professionals that are dedicated to ensuring your next event is a success. If you’re looking for a truly sensational holographic effect with a huge impact, rely on Encore Canada. We believe in helping our clients connect with their audiences in meaningful ways and we do this by helping our clients discover the perfect technology and/or medium to effectively deliver their important message.

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