What is the secret behind FMAV’s success throughout the years? Our people! They make us who we are today and who we will be in the future.  As Canada’s largest independently owned audiovisual company, FMAV has more than 250 staff across seven offices from coast to coast, and it’s our people who make us a different kind of Audiovisual Company.

Because our people make the difference, we thought we’d tell you more about them, and how they’ve helped us become a favorite in the events industry, in an Employee Spotlight series.

In this series, you’ll get a glimpse at one featured employee each month. We will talk about what makes them tick, why they come to work each day and what they look forward to doing in their free time?

This month we talked to Tyler Rotsaert about his role here at FMAV, his passion for the events industry and his secret talents. Here’s what he had to say:

What is your current role and how long have you been working at FMAV?

My role at FMAV is that of a Project Manager. I work mostly with corporate audio visual and video mapping with a specialization in LEDs. In my 10 years in the industry, I’ve learned the ins and outs of audiovisual technology and evolved into a Jack of all trades. Apart from my day-to-day role, I also manage impromptu requests in my market and help my team wherever needed.

What made you want to get into the field?

I can chalk it up to two major influences in my life. First, in elementary school, I was responsible for setting up audiovisual equipment for events. I developed an admiration for the technology and started exploring it more. Second, my interest in theatre production, especially at Disney, gave me an opportunity to experience show tech on a bigger and better scale and I got hooked.

As a kid, I fell in love with the idea of working in a field this lively. My admiration, fueled with my experiences, took a life of its own and I started working in the industry right after high school.

Tell us about your start at FMAV?

I was working with another AV production company which closed down. That’s when FMAV found me. With FMAV, I learned more about the world of events and event technology and found my fit into the dynamic role that I now have.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The best thing about event industry is that it’s continuously evolving. You need to be current with new developments, which I do by reading, listening to audio books and attending webinars. Nothing is the same day to day and you always have to come up with something new to impress the clients. The needs change during the event and you get to wow your clients with your ability to organize on the fly. FMAV and my team allows me the ability to innovate with the knowledge that I have the technology and the human resource to support it. I get utmost happiness when the clients walk into the event and I hear that ‘wow’ from them. Most of all, I love that my role isn’t stagnant and that the challenges have gotten bigger and better.

Tell us something about your personal life. What do you like to do in your spare time? What are your hobbies?

I have an amazing wife and a 1.5 year old daughter. On my days off, I love taking a step back from technology and hanging out with them.

Another one of my passions is woodworking. If not in AV, I would have been in the woodworking or product design business.

I like traveling and shopping for Legos and toys and enjoy a tasty meal with salmon. I love the color purple because it isn’t a part of the visible spectrum but an artifact of the way our eyes and brain perceive color.

Most importantly, I love that for my job, I get to do something I’ve been passionate about since I was a kid and travel while doing it like I currently am for a 21 city roadshow.

Tyler is one of over 250 valued employees at FMAV. You can learn more about the FMAV culture on our website, or visit the FMAV Careers page to hear more from our people.


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