Encore is an event experience company, providing creative production, advanced technology, and staging solutions to help you deliver impactful experiences at your gaming and esports events. We help creators, brands, and publishers make a long-term impact across the gaming industry. Our approach is to understand your goals and align our resources and solutions to ensure your event blends creativity and innovative technology for inspiring fan and attendee experiences.

Our highly trained staff delivers innovative solutions in support of events ranging from small tournaments to global championships with thousands of attendees. As you look to deliver more dynamic and impactful esports events, creative and production aspects become increasingly critical to the planning process.


Our services go beyond traditional technology to include cutting-edge solutions like creative event design, virtual events, internet connectivity, bandwidth management, overhead rigging, content development, digital services, custom set fabrication, 3D mapping, exhibit services, event production, and much more.

With over 80 years of event experience, including 10+ years of supporting one of the longest-running gaming tournaments in the world, Encore is positioned to help you level up your indie events into multi-year corporate global AAA alliances.

Encore has first-hand experience supporting world-class sporting and athletic competitions, and esports and gaming events are no exception. We can collaboratively work with and augment your existing team based on the required needs of the production. With a vast roster of expertise and skill, we have stage managers, producers, creative directors, digital artists, project managers, and technical directors to help with all aspects of your gaming events.

Gaming Event Types

Fan engagement - Esports Tournament

Main stage events:

  • Regular season competitions
  • Marquee tournaments
  • Global championships
Diverse Esport Team Winner of the Video Games Tournament

Ancillary events:

  • Fan engagement
  • Brand activations
  • Watch parties
  • Media rooms


Michael Di Lullo - Gaming Avatar

Michael Di Lullo
Account Executive, Gaming and Esports

James Hess - Gaming Avatar

James Hess
Sales Manager, Gaming, Virtual and Hybrid

Joel Reodica Gaming Avatar

Joel Reodica
Solutions Lead – MediaLab

Victor Paan - Director, Digital Sales & Innovation

Victor Paan
Director, Digital Sales & Innovation

Alexander Green Gaming Avatar

Alexander Green
Digital Services Consultant, Esports & Gaming

Chris Siedel Gaming Avatar

Chris Siedel
VP Venue Partnerships, Esports & Gaming

Ryan Hawkins Gaming Avatar

Ryan Hawkins
RVP Essential Services

Brian Johnston Gaming Avatar

Bryan  Johnston
Director, Creative Strategy – MediaLab

Yemaj Abdurahman Avatar

Yemaj Abdurahman
Operations Manager, Venue Services – Esports

Dan Wilson Gaming Avatar

Dan Wilson
Producer, Esports & Gaming

Encore is in over 2,000 convention venues, stadiums, and hotel destinations around the globe, and is prepared to innovate and deliver exciting tournaments, broadcasts, and marketing events. We work with the biggest brands in the world to tap into the power of esports and the broader gaming community with our network of venue, tourism, and destination management partners.


Creative services

• Content development

• Creative production

• Custom design

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Digital services:

• Digital development team

• Event Platform enablement

• Enterprise Streaming

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Technical production

• Visuals & lighting

• Staging & fabrication

• Sound reinforcement

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Speciality services

• Internet connectivity

• Power Distribution

• Rigging

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Our team will help you grow, develop new opportunities, and make your life as an esports and gaming event producer better by building a support team around you and your brand. Let Encore be your player 2, contact us today!

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