What is the secret behind FMAV’s success throughout the years? Our people! They make us who we are today and who we will be in the future.  As Canada’s largest independently owned audiovisual company, FMAV has more than 250 staff across seven offices from coast to coast, and it’s our people who make us a different kind of Audiovisual Company.

Because our people make the difference, we thought we’d tell you more about them, and how they’ve helped us become a favorite in the events industry, in an Employee Spotlight series.

In this series, you’ll get a glimpse at one featured employee each month. We will talk about what makes them tick, why they come to work each day and what they look forward to doing in their free time?

This month we talked to Dan Wilson about his role here as Project Manager here at FMAV, his passion for the events industry and his secret talents. Here’s what he had to say:

What is your current role and how long have you been working at FMAV?

I’ve been working here at FMAV for 2 years, the majority of that time in the role of a Project Manager. As a Project Manager, we work as the bridge between our Account Management team and Operational team during pre-delivery and then on-site work directly with our clients to ensure a flawless show.

Tell us about your start at FMAV?

When I was a student, we learned using equipment donated by Frischkorn Audio Video (one of FMAV’s founding companies). Later when I got my first job in the events industry, FMAV was the AV supplier we relied on for our most important events. A few years later, I moved into the AV side of the industry and ran into Brad Beach at a networking event, shortly after he offered me a role at the company.

I hit the ground running. It’s been a crazy couple of years so far, filled with dozens of great shows and amazing people. Some great highlights have to include obtaining my Certified Event Designer designation, helping share knowledge with our clients, and my involvement with our local MPI chapter where I chair one of their committees.

What made you want to get into the field?

Growing up, I always liked technology, in particular using it for storytelling. I knew I wanted to do something with technology and people at its core. But like many people, I kind of stumbled into the field and in doing so found my passion. I started off volunteering at local events and as I became more experienced I got involved more and more with the planning of events that led me to realize this could be my career. Completing school, with a course in corporate media production, I knew I was on the right path.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The people. This industry is filled with some of the most interesting and diverse people from every walk of life. I love getting to know as many of them as possible. In my role as a Project Manager, I get to work with all of the teams here at FMAV and help coordinate them, to support all of our projects. I get to go on-site and work with our amazing client partners and help them execute their events. I’m always meeting new people and learning new things, no two days are the same in my role.

Tell us something about your personal life. What do you like to do in your spare time? What are your hobbies?

My girlfriend and I love road trips, and we take them as often as we can. Mostly it’s just weekend get-a-ways or random drives to some new restaurant that we read about. We use any chance to get out on the road even when we travel out of the country. Some of our best road trips include driving highway 1 along the California coast from San Diego to San Fransisco and driving through the desert from Las Vegas to San Fransisco.

Dan Wilson is one of over 250 valued employees at FMAV. You can learn more about the FMAV culture on our website, or visit the FMAV Careers page to hear more from our people.


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