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How to Use Projection Mapping at Your Next Event

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Projection mapping can turn any event into an immersive, unforgettable experience. Whether you want to “wow” your crowd, capture their imagination, or showcase your next new product, projection mapping will ensure every person in the room is engaged in your presentation. From large sporting events and music festivals to keynote speeches and corporate events, this innovative technology is the future of event hosting.

What is projection mapping?

Projection mapping is the process of projecting a video onto an object to create a visual effect. This video software renders 2D and 3D graphics of the object it is projected on to create a moving video that appears to interact with the shape of the object. A blend of artistic ability, technological savviness, and video prowess, projection mapping can be used to enhance virtually any presentation, art creation, or social event, and the possibilities are virtually limitless. Here are four ways you can utilize projection mapping at your next event:

    1. Interactive Art Installations

One of the most famous representations of projection mapping is the series of artistic designs projected onto the Sydney Opera House in Australia. The dazzling artistic creations are projected on the remarkable structure, creating a visual effect that is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

There are countless examples of the interactive ability of digital projection mapping. Musicians use projection mapping to create visuals live on stage during a show, resulting in an immersive, cinema-like experience that complements the bands’ movement on stage. Other artists have used projection mapping software to create interactive visual effects on billiards tables, causing rippling effects each time a ball hit another ball or the rail. With the vast amount of intuitive projection mapping software being developed for everyday use, this technology will definitely become a staple in art installations at large events.

    1. Panoramic Backdrops

Whether you are hosting a dinner for 200 wedding guests or you are performing a sold-out show, projection mapping can enhance the event with striking visuals. Your 200 wedding guests could enjoy a meal while sitting in the middle of a peaceful autumn forest. Alternatively, you could opt for a dazzling fireworks show or an aquarium.

Projection mapping software can capture the details of a 2D wall and project a moving video on to it, creating a stunning backdrop that feels and looks real. The detail is of the highest quality, making your guests feel like their environment is authentic and creating a memorable experience for everyone present.

    1. Immerse your Audience

For absolute immersion, consider 3D projection mapping. It involves projecting a video onto the surface of a 3D object, which requires the mapping software to adjust the video representation to account for the angles and shape of the object. This can create 3D projections in which the viewer can interact and respond, and it can be customized entirely for ultimate control over the visuals.

Consider an auto manufacturing company releasing their latest cutting-edge model. This company could project a 3D version of their newest product into the middle of a room, allowing all of their attendees to see a 3D image of the vehicle that looks real. They can then create real-life environments — muddy roads, steep hills, or empty highways — and project the vehicle driving through these situations, allowing them to showcase its abilities in a more captivating fashion compared to traditional video. The immersive experience is sure to be unforgettable.

    1. Visual Aids

Beyond artistic expression and presenting real-life, 3D images in an immersive fashion, projection mapping can also be used for simple visual aids. Keynote speakers and guest lecturers can use intuitive projection mapping software to create dazzling interactive presentations. These presentations can blend elements of photographs, videos, audio, and present data in a way that is easy for the audience to see and understand, regardless of the size of the auditorium.

Visual aids can spark audience engagement and make the presentation much more exciting, which will ensure the message is received by the crowd. Projection mapping utilizes intuitive software that can be used in real-time to direct the visuals for precise effects, putting the presenter in full control over the visuals. With a wide variety of effects available — multiple screens, side-by-side projections, synchronized audio-visual components, user-activated cues — projection mapping technology is the ultimate visual aid for any presentation. With a team of custom designers and artists, the possibilities are endless.

Why Us?

At Encore Canada, we’re dedicated to making sure your event is an unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance. Our creative team has the skills and expertise needed to create a blend of interactive features and audio-visual elements that will spark engagement and capture your audience. We will work with you to understand your specific needs and then create a strategy for maximum interaction and engagement. With an all-encompassing social media strategy and complete immersion into your digital concept, this custom event will help support your brand and drive long-term results in your space.

For more information about our custom audio-visual presentations and how we can help you bring your concept to life, call Encore Canada at 1-800-868-6886 or visit our website here.

Metro Toronto Convention Centre Announces Meeting Room Enhancement

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In partnership with Freeman Audio Visual, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) now has 50 new permanently installed projectors and screens in its meeting rooms. This feature was implemented to enhance the guest experience at the Centre.

State-of-the-art Sony projectors and Da-lite screens will allow your attendees to experience high image quality in 16:9 format for a wide range of business, education, and entertainment applications. Should you choose to make arrangements to use the new screens, you will also benefit from on-site technical service from Freeman Audio Visual, ensuring smooth and hassle-free operation on the day of your event.


Check out this MTCC blog post for more information on the features and benefits of the room enhancements. For more details on the new screens, please contact your designated MTCC Event Manager or a Freeman Audio Visual Sales Representative at 416-585-8110.


A Colossal Communications Solution for Canada’s Largest Union: CUPE Biennial National Convention

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With over 635,000 members across the country working in health care, education, social services, transportation, airlines and more, the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) is Canada’s largest union. To facilitate the communication needs of 2,700 delegates, staff and guests at its Biennial National Convention, Freeman Audio Visual Canada provided a large-scale audio visual solution with interpretation services to support both official languages inside the Vancouver Convention Center.

The sheer scale of the plenary room support made the CUPE convention especially buzz worthy. The central screen in the main convention hall spanned 100’ wide by 25’ and was flanked by two 15’ by 24’ displays. Four more screens were dispersed throughout the hall for optimal viewing for delegates seated near the back of the room. Twenty-two projectors provided screen content designed by our Creative Services team, I-MAG and additional presentations. In addition to an extensive audio configuration, 2200 simultaneous interpretation receivers were distributed so that delegates could tune into presenters in their language of choice, English or French.

“The Freeman team worked really well together. They made my job easy,” noted the plenary producer.

Regroupant plus de 635 000 membres actifs dans les domaines de la santé, l’éducation, les services sociaux, le transport terrestre et aérien et plus encore, le Syndicat canadien de la fonction publique est le plus grand syndicat au Canada. Pour satisfaire les besoins en communication des 2 700 délégués, membres du personnel et invités à ce congrès national biennal, Freeman audiovisuel Canada a proposé une solution de grande envergure avec des services d’interprétation simultanée dans les deux langues officielles au Vancouver Convention Centre.

À lui seul, l’imposant déploiement du soutien audiovisuel pour la plénière justifie de s’extasier sur le congrès du SCFP. L’écran central dans la grande salle de congrès mesurait 100 pi de largeur sur 25 pi en hauteur. Il était entouré de deux écrans de 15 pi sur 24 pi. Quatre autres écrans étaient installés dans la salle pour offrir une vision optimale aux délégués assis à l’arrière. Vingt-deux projecteurs remplissaient les écrans de contenus conçus par notre équipe des Services créatifs, d’images magnifiées et de présentations additionnelles. Outre une configuration audio très élaborée, 2 200 récepteurs ont été distribués aux délégués pour leur donner accès à l’interprétation simultanée des présentations dans la langue de leur choix, français ou anglais.

« Les gens de Freeman ont vraiment bien travaillé en équipe et m’ont facilité la tâche », a souligné le producteur de la plénière.

Event Staging for Canadian Psychiatric Association 65th Annual Conference

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The Canadian Psychiatric Association’s Annual (CPA) Conference is the largest psychiatric continuing professional development program in Canada. Each year, more than 1,200 psychiatrists and other mental health care professionals attend the conference to keep up-to-date on the latest research, exchange ideas, and network with colleagues from across the country. All-delegate keynote plenaries, including very highly regarded guest speakers well versed in their areas of expertise, were a new initiative at this year’s event. In addition to providing the technology support for the event, Freeman Audio Visual Canada was inspired to find that certain something special to create a more memorable experience. To do this, our Freeman team designed a custom look using three screens and “Watchout” to animate moving images and create panoramic vistas across the screens. To further enhance the room look and feel, the live screens were treated with scenic elements called “Hoop Dreams,” to draw the attention and focus of the delegates and create a center piece. Coupled with moving lights and colour-rotating LEDs, the effect was dynamic yet subtle, very suitable for all delegates.

“As our preferred AV supplier, Freeman always delivers top-notch service and equipment…but this year was exceptional,” said a CPA representative. “This set truly provided the wow factor CPA was looking for that helped unveil this initiative and bring our conference to the next level. Special thanks to Brian Goyette, Chris Ferris and Sean Watson.”


Mise en scène d’événements:

65e Congrès annuel de l’Association des psychiatres du Canada

Le congrès annuel de l’Association des psychiatres du Canada est le plus important programme de formation professionnelle continue pour les psychiatres au Canada. Chaque année, plus de 1 200 psychiatres et autres professionnels de la santé mentale assistent au congrès pour se tenir au courant des dernières recherches, échanger des idées et établir des contacts avec des collègues de partout au pays. Cette édition s’est révélée la plus importante à ce jour et a introduit une nouveauté : des assemblées plénières menées par des délégués mettant en vedette des conférenciers possédant une vaste expertise dans leurs domaines respectifs. En plus d’assurer le soutien technologique de l’événement, Freeman audiovisuel Canada a trouvé l’inspiration nécessaire pour donner un petit « je ne sais quoi » au décor afin de créer une expérience mémorable. Pour se faire, l’équipe Freeman a imaginé un style unique en utilisant trois écrans en plus de « Watchout » pour animer les images et produire une vue panoramique incorporant tous les écrans. Afin de mettre davantage la pièce en valeur, les écrans en direct ont été agrémentés d’éléments de décor appelés Hoop Dreams (anneaux de rêve), attirant l’attention des participants et constituant la pièce maitresse. En combinaison avec les projecteurs mobiles et les DEL de couleur rotatifs, leur effet était dynamique tout en restant subtil, ce qui était très approprié pour le groupe de participants présent.

« En tant que fournisseur privilégié, Freeman répond toujours aux attentes avec un service et des équipements hors pair… mais cette fois-ci, ce fut exceptionnel, » a déclaré un représentant de l’APC. « Ce décor a vraiment fourni l’élément sensationnel que l’APC recherchait et a contribué au dévoilement de cette initiative en élevant notre congrès d’un cran. Nous tenons notamment à remercier Brian Goyette, Chris Ferris and Sean Watson. »

'The Tech Side of New York Comic Con' with Projection, Lights and Staging News

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comiccon ny

Kyle Gaul, technical director for New York Comic Con and director of technology for Freeman Audio Visual south of the border, shares a behind-the-scenes look at the logistics, audio, video, cable, lighting  and crew that work together to assemble and execute New York Comic Con, the largest comic convention in North America.

Read the article in Projection, Lights and Staging News.



What You Need to Plan an Event

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event planning


The job of an event planner has many opportunities for fun, sociability and creativity. While this may be true, a lot of little things go into event planning that are not noticed by those attending, but are crucial in making or breaking an event. If you’re new to event planning or have received the responsibility of putting together your company’s next meeting, we’re here to help ease some of your concerns. Whether you’re putting together a press conference, product launch, sales meeting, awards ceremony, or company-wide meeting, here’s a quick guide of the technical side of meeting planning, so you can focus on the fun stuff!

When planning your event, whether it’s small-scale or large, having visual stimulation that compliments your company’s brand and makes a lasting impression is key. Think about creating a backdrop that draws attention to your speakers and looks great for photos. Custom sets are definitely a good option, depending on your time constraints. They help tie the theme of the event together and generate excitement amongst those attending.

Based on the nature of your event, video could be something required, or a great added plus. For pre-event promotion, on-site presentations and archived content, video serves a great purpose. Ensuring your videographer is of high quality and professionalism is important, as the after-experience is just as meaningful as what happens during the event. Having the option to choose from different digital video recording formats is helpful and saves you time after the event.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of an event. To make speakers the main focal point, produce better-quality photos and videos, and create the right atmosphere, lighting is a main component. Having the choice of different lighting systems, from environmentally-friendly to coloured and moving options, set the tone for your event.

Live events can be broadcasted to any corner of the world, and your audience reach can be that much bigger with webcasting. Keeping this in mind, choose a webcaster that can give you the optimal viewing capability for your needs, as you want your event to go smoothly for those seated in front of you, as well as those on a computer or mobile device.

Projection is just as important as lighting when it comes to a live event. Your entire presentation must be visible to those in the audience, and having a projection screen that allows for maximum viewing is essential and can add great stimulation to the crowd. Think about graphics, animations, and video clips to ensure your message is put across in the best way possible.

Freeman Audio Visual Canada has all the solutions you need in order to pull off a fantastic event. Contact us for quotes, information, or ideas on how to create your best event yet.

AV Highlights from CSAE 2014 National Conference & Showcase

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Granted the creative freedom to showcase a high-impact, reasonably-priced, General Session look for the association industry event of the year, Freeman Audio Visual combined tried-and-true staging elements with ultra-modern projection techniques. Illustrating the essence of the conference, ‘Naturally Inspired’, our Creative Services team of video and digital specialists collaborated with our exceptional in-house crew of set designers and builders to paint an elegant glass-block wall surface with vibrant panoramic video and animated themed imagery.


Congrès national et exposition de la SCDA 2014

Ayant reçu carte blanche pour donner une allure de session générale à fort impact et à prix raisonnable à l’événement annuel de l’industrie des associations, Freeman audiovisuel a combiné des éléments de scène éprouvés et des techniques de projection ultramodernes. Illustrant le thème de la conférence, « Inspiration naturelle », notre équipe créative de spécialistes en technologies vidéo et numérique a collaboré avec notre exceptionnelle équipe de conception et de construction de décors pour animer une élégante surface murale en blocs de verre avec des vidéos panoramiques époustouflantes et des animations thématiques.