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With imagination and skill, the latest technology and a passion for excellence, our experts help deliver unforgettable experiences anywhere your exhibits take you. When you order any technology solution from EventNow, you’re equipped with the expertise and service excellence of an industry-leading partner that can install your equipment to best optimize your space, navigate any hurdles and support your unique needs at any stage, from planning to production to post-show. With our rich portfolio of end-to-end solutions and unwavering customer support, we’re ready to help you deliver the wow factor that will leave a lasting impression. 


One essential aspect of setting your exhibit up for success lies in effective rigging. Quality rigging equipment allows for dynamic hanging signage, LED lighting, screens and more to draw participants’ attention to your space. Along with attracting more visits, rigging creates a clutter-free booth environment, enabling participants to seamlessly explore your activation and engage with your team. Elevate your exhibit experience by prioritizing top-notch rigging solutions. 

Key Benefits

      • Versatility and flexibility in accommodating different event setups and configurations  
      • Unobstructed environment allows the audience to freely move around the exhibit space
      • Improved safety proper rigging ensures the secure installation of audio, visual, lighting and staging equipment, minimizing overall risks 
      • Overall improved visual appeal of your space 


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LED Walls

LED walls can breathe new life into your experience and transform any space with rich, immersive content. Frame out entrances, attract attendees to your activation or bring products to life at experiential events and brand activations. LED walls give you the power to reinforce your messaging with stunning, attention-grabbing visuals. Don’t have the team or tools to create content? Our graphic experts can develop any and all needed materials to bring your vision to life!    

Key Benefits:

      • Displays rich, vibrant content, no matter how bright or dim the background light is     
      • Scalable and adaptable for a variety of settings and exhibit types    
      • Space-saving, meaning more room for participants in high traffic areas (LED walls don’t require much space for their processing equipment)   
      • Can appear as flat or curved walls — both convex and concave — depending on preference   

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Touchscreen Monitors

Digital Signage

Alternate Lighting Solutons

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Have additional exhibit needs not visible on your event page or above? Contact our experts! With our rich portfolio of end-to-end solutions, these are just a few ways we can bring your vision to life! 

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