As the arsenal of AI-based solutions has blown up, their use in the industry of event planning must keep pace. The introduction of cognitive APIs has launched the age of intelligent computing which has become a great asset for event marketers. Let’s discover how to benefit from the possibilities of bot-based customer support, machine learning, language processing, and the other cognitive API services to enable event management automation.

The definition of cognitive APIs and their role in event planning

Cognitive API is basically a toolkit which helps develop advanced computing-based AI applications. The services based on cognitive APIs have evolved to simplify the management of unstructured data and help businesses drive innovation through the use of new cognitive interfaces.

The integration of cognitive APIs into event management operations helps increase event attendance in most cost-efficient ways. Cognitive APIs, as is event attendance, are rooted in human interaction and personalization. According to IBM research, personalization in digital organizations is the top priority for 66% of businesses. Based on AI modules, cognitive APIs are the top-notch instruments for tapping into human needs and emotions. Make events personal for your target attendees, and the audience will expand in the blink of an eye!

Why should you boost event attendance?

Do I actually need to care about the attendance at the event? The short answer is yes, you definitely should. Boosting event attendance is a win-win for you as both an event planner and a client because it helps to capitalize on the range of benefits:

  • Skyrocket reputation. Attendance is the one and only channel for increasing awareness about a brand or a business through events. The more interested people attend the event; the more word-of-mouth marketing happens after it.
  • Present new solutions. Events provide a great space for demonstrating the perks of newly-launched products, services, and businesses. In these terms, high attendance is a guarantee of drumming up maximum attention for new solutions.
  • Grow your client database. Event marketing is about targeting the right people. Providing a smart incentive for attending is the good way to ensure that as many target users as possible end up in your client database.


5 cognitive API instruments for boosting event attendance

There are five basic aspects of cognitive APIs use which help event planners elevate event attending experiences:


Cognitive APIs account for sharpening visual processes at events. There are several ways in which cognitive APIs transform perceptions to increase participation in an event:

  • Creating actionable images. With the help of cognitive API modules, users can benefit from computer vision customization. AI makes the recognition of contents in images possible enabling the use of visuals that can tell you much more than seems possible. The employment of actionable images is a great instrument for interactive event promotion or used as a form of attendees’ entertainment at events.
  • Face & emotion verification. Cognitive API systems help not only identify a person, but also tap into his/her emotions. This marvelous AI innovation predicts the new future for event check-in. Thus, with such services, attendees won’t need a smartphone to get through the door. Their own face will be the perfect key!



The complex language processing and text analytics models built with cognitive APIs can transform the landscape of interaction at events. For instance, such services can be a great asset for the convenient use of event apps. Let’s say, a person is attending a large event that connects multiple activities at one venue. In this case, it’s critical to build an advanced navigation system for attendees. APIs can create smart apps that respond to voice commands and adjust to the needs of each user. Plus, event managers can capitalize on linguistic analysis services that serve attendees by explaining and clarifying complicated concepts.


There’s much said at any event. Using cognitive APIs can help event planners make each speech as meaningful for attendees as possible. Here are the perks of AI-based services for speech at events:

  • Turning speech to text. Everyone knows the feeling: you want to capture every single world your speaker pronounces, but you can’t manage to memorize everything as it is said. With cognitive APIs, the problem doesn’t exist anymore. The speech-to-text services record each word and let event attendees relax.
  • Eliminate speech barriers. Speaking styles differ, but they shouldn’t hinder the experiences your attendees have at an event. Launch custom acoustic and language models in your app with cognitive API to overcome these barriers.
  • Enjoy real-time translation. There are no borders for connecting expertise at events which is why international meetings take place quite often. Cognitive APIs make attendees forget about language barriers by translating speech in real-time to help people connect to each other, no matter which part of the world they come from.


One of the best ways to increase attendance at events is providing a “learning promise.” The key reasons for attending events is discovering new things, exploring innovations, and sharpening knowledge. Cognitive APIs get the learning curve up by employing recommendation applications, which predict the requirements of attendees, and smart Q&A services that respond to requests or questions in the real time.


Satisfying search is critical in all stages of event management from event promotion to post-event activities. For instance, by embedding APIs into an event website, you allow users of getting comprehensive results not only in text but also with images or videos.

Auto-suggest, which is a further asset of cognitive search APIs, is a great solution for event apps that operate large data volumes.


Cognitive APIs are the instruments that future-oriented event managers should leverage to increase attendance. Explore the use of AI-based computing services for onsite check-in automation, elevation of registration experiences, and onsite navigation activities. Get started for free with GEVME!


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Tetiana Legeida is a Content Marketer and Strategist for GEVME — the integrated software that caters to event needs. With over 5 years’ experience in Content Management, Tetiana works with insights from the Event Planning industry and PR.


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