How big is your idea?

The events industry has experienced a major shift from traditional one-way communication to two-way audience interactivity. At Freeman Audio Visual, we have the creativity and resources to provide you with innovative technology solutions for your brand.

Interactive technology is a tool to connect with your audience and immerse them in graphics and animations tailored to your brand message.

Freeman Creative Services builds interactive content to capture your audience; let us put our experience to work for you.

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1 Way Communication

  • Walk up & watch
  • Branding and Sponsorship
 ← spectrum of solutions all the way to → Multi Platform Experience

  • Q&A, Draw, Touch, Play
  • Interactivity

Call us to find where you fit in the spectrum.



We do it all from simple digital posters with a spectrum of solutions including fully interactive free-standing custom displays. E-Posters are an unconventional and engaging marketing solution, not to mention, eco-friendly!


Encore Canada can design and produce fully custom kiosks and stand-alone displays in-house, or choose from a variety of in-stock options to provide a budget friendly solution.


Encore Canada – Innovation dedicated to your brand.

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