Encore Canada partners with Neweb Labs

By September 25, 2018 March 27th, 2020 Press Releases

MONTREAL, September 25, 2018 – Encore Canada is excited to announce a new partnership with visual effects company, Neweb Labs. This partnership will enable both organizations to leverage one another’s event services and capabilities, providing a one stop shop for their clients.

Multiple event contracts have already been signed with the newly partnered companies for various conferences, meetings and events around the globe including: Vancouver, Atlanta, Frankfurt and Ottawa. Neweb Labs will be working closely with Encore Canada across the country, with particular focus in Montreal.

“What a great opportunity for us at Encore Canada to join forces with the Neweb Labs team! Neweb Labs is  pioneering the customization of virtual characters for events, ranging from town halls, conferences and more,” said Encore Canada Client Solutions Manager, Gabriel Larose. “Their unique expertise coupled with our attention to detail and global presence will be a powerful combination for our clients. Neweb Labs’ virtual characters are unlike anything I’ve seen before. If you’re looking to add a really innovative activation to your event, this is something you’ll want to check out.”

By promoting one another’s solution offerings, both Encore Canada and Neweb Labs will be able to better serve their existing client needs and enhance attendee experiences. “Like Encore Canada, Neweb Labs is always looking to bring something new and exciting to our clients, which is why we knew this would make a great partnership,” said Yves St-Gelais, CEO for Neweb Labs. “Partnering with a global organization like Encore Canada will be critical for the flawless execution of our newly developed event solutions like virtual graffiti artists, talking heads, and other out-of-the-box offerings.”

Encore Canada and Neweb Labs are set to make their mark on the meeting and events industry through helping clients create memorable experiences for their audiences.

About Encore Canada

As part of the world’s largest brand experience organization, Encore Canada uses the power of technology to make meaningful connections with a multitude of audiences through the production of meetings, conventions, special events and trade shows. Encore Canada provides a full range of services to support the way audiences engage with content as the landscape continues to change. Encore Canada has a deep, rich history of success and has received numerous awards recognizing its outstanding performance in technical, staging, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, customer service excellence and partnerships. Together with its customers and partners, Encore Canada will continue to serve clients throughout North America and the rest of the world through its growing global network. For more information, visit www.Encore Canadaav-ca.com.

About Neweb Labs

Neweb Labs creates and combines 3D animated assets with interactive technology for use as holograms on all social media platforms, and in mobile applications to be used for concerts, events, social engagement, brand activations and virtual humans. Neweb Labs is the sister company of the 3D animated show based on current affairs and news, Vox Populi Productions, and was officially launched after two years of R&D in 2015. Neweb Labs is also first in the world to create interactive holographic singer, Maya Kodes (https://vimeo.com/285950552), and is known for providing cutting-edge experiences where attendees emotionally connect with interactive characters that have different personalities. For more information, visit www.neweblabs.com.


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