Tourisme Montréal explores AV & multimedia technology with AVW-TELAV’s own Johnny Buteau

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AVW-TELAV: Audiovisual technology and multimedia magic

Meeting professionals know that audiovisual services can make or break an event. So it’s important to work with an experienced and trusted supplier to keep everything running smoothly and create  high-impact happenings. AVW-TELAV has been Canada’s leading audiovisual supplier for over 50 years.

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Internet-Related Services Part III: AVW-TELAV’s HD Wi-Fi

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In Part I and Part II of this series on internet-related event services, we learned about Wi-Fi and had brief introductions to wireless networks.

Let us imagine this scenario: its 7:55 a.m. Record attendance is expected. In a few minutes, hundreds of attendees are going to be swarming into the keynote presentation hall. The success of this event relies heavily on the outcome that everyone is able to get online. They’re checking their email, engaging in social networks, downloading presentations and tweeting on the latest news about the event. The demand is constant.

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Is Wi-Fi available? Part 1 of a 3-part series

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It wasn’t so long ago when you were organizing the services required at an event venue that a simple question was sufficient. Now with the invention of smart phones, tablets and the portability of laptops, there is an expectation that, outside of our homes and offices, the Internet should still be readily available. Not only should it be available, but it must also provide a consistent level of speed. With all this volume, however, there is now the challenge of providing Wi-Fi in all spaces—and this service has taken precedence as one of the top requirements from the location chosen for a conference or meeting.

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