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Freeman Techno Chat #eventtech for #eventprofs with The Howes Group

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In the fourth installment of our discussion with The Howes Group, we address the task of determining your groups’ internet usage personality. A way to be more cost effective when determining bandwidth is to break down usage into high and low users. You can do this pretty accurately by asking your delegates and network provider the right questions.

Find out what they are in the latest edition of ‘Techno Chat #eventtech for #eventprofs’: What Is Your Internet Usage Personality?.

Next TechnoChat (February 2016)
Part 5 of 5 – Mobile Apps: The basics to consider when designing an app for your conference


Comme quatrième sujet de discussion avec
The Howes Group, nous abordons comment établir un profil d’usager Internet pour un groupe. Une bonne manière de limiter les coûts de bande passante consiste à répartir les usagers d’un groupe selon qu’ils font un usage limité ou intensif. C’est possible et plutôt précis si l’on pose les bonnes questions aux participants et au fournisseur d’Internet.

Découvrez quelles questions poser dans la dernière édition de Techno Chat #eventtech for #eventprofs : Comment assurer une connexion sans fil stable (en anglais).

Dans notre prochain Techno Chat (février 2016)
5e et dernier sujet : les applications mobiles — les considérations de base pour concevoir une appli pour votre congrès.

Freeman Techno Chat #eventtech for #eventprofs with The Howes Group

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 *La version française suit le message anglais. 
Teamwork and collaboration are absolute necessities for a successful conference. One of the key players on your team is the AV provider. In the spirit of collaboration and, given the many recent exciting advances in the AV world, The Howes Group has partnered with Freeman Audio Visual on a five-part technology blog series to help meeting planners navigate the myriad of event AV details.“During the hotel contract review process, we often include AV requirements and have become familiar with the spectrum of details and issues involved,” said Brenda Howes, Founder & CEO of The Howes Group. “We compiled a list of FAQs, and the folks at Freeman were kind enough to respond and share their valuable insights.”

Check out Part 1 of The Howes Group’s new column, Techno Chat #eventtech for #eventprofs, focusing this month on determining your event’s bandwidth requirements and profile.


Le travail d’équipe et la collaboration sont des conditions sine qua non pour assurer le succès d’une conférence. Et l’un des joueurs clés dans l’équipe est le fournisseur de services audiovisuels. Dans un esprit de collaboration et en raison des nombreuses avancées spectaculaires qu’a récemment connues le monde de l’audiovisuel, The Howes Group a travaillé avec Freeman audiovisuel sur un blogue technologique en cinq temps afin d’aider les planificateurs d’événements à naviguer la mer de détails qui entoure l’audiovisuel événementiel.

« Au cours de la revue du contrat de l’hôtel, nous précisons souvent les demandes en audiovisuel et nous nous sommes familiarisés avec toute la gamme de détails et de questions que cela implique », raconte Brenda Howes, fondatrice et chef de la direction de The Howes Group. « Nous avons compilé une FAQ et les gens de Freeman ont eu la gentillesse de nous répondre et de partager leur expertise. »

Consultez la section 1 de la nouvelle rubrique de The Howes Group, Techno Chat #eventtech for #eventprofs, qui traite ce mois-ci de comment déterminer les besoins et le profil de bande passante de votre événement.

The Internet of Things and its Impact on Tradeshows and Events

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 Source: 2015 Corbin Ball Associates

Hundreds of billions of sensors are deploying quietly. They will track our every move and monitor almost everything with which we interact. The Internet of Things (IOT) will transform society and will have a significant impact on tradeshows and events. As everything links with everything else, this will be the next big technology revolution!


IOT Defined
IOT is the connection of objects and people to transfer data over a network without the need for human interaction. Sensor chips in a myriad of “things” (appliances, thermostats, door locks, TVs, watches/bracelets, cars, buildings, roads, power grids, dams, livestock and more) will provide unprecedented efficiency and convenience. A broader term, the Internet of Everything (IOE), is perhaps a more descriptive term for this revolution that will be affecting us all in the near future.
Our Bodies
Most of us are already carrying a very sophisticated set of sensors and a sensor control panel in our pockets – our smart phones. They can track our every movement and can interact with a greatly increasing assortment of things.


Avoiding Internet Traffic Jams

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The demand for internet has increased steadily over the last decade, and the introductions of Smartphones, Tablets, Netbooks and Smart TVs have added to the already-congested web of cables and wireless networks everywhere. This has equated to higher client densities that are now putting a strain onto networks within meeting rooms, convention and conference centres. Since the internet has become an almost necessary service and the highest degree of reliability is expected, a wireless network that can keep up with the most demanding requirements is absolutely essential.

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Tourisme Montréal explores AV & multimedia technology with AVW-TELAV’s own Johnny Buteau

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AVW-TELAV: Audiovisual technology and multimedia magic

Meeting professionals know that audiovisual services can make or break an event. So it’s important to work with an experienced and trusted supplier to keep everything running smoothly and create  high-impact happenings. AVW-TELAV has been Canada’s leading audiovisual supplier for over 50 years.

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Microsoft mission accomplished

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Microsoft’s mission is to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential. When Microsoft brought its Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) to Toronto, AVW-TELAV and Freeman AV collaborated to create multiple state-of-the-art meeting environments to support Microsoft in carrying out its mission.

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Internet-Related Services Part III: AVW-TELAV’s HD Wi-Fi

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In Part I and Part II of this series on internet-related event services, we learned about Wi-Fi and had brief introductions to wireless networks.

Let us imagine this scenario: its 7:55 a.m. Record attendance is expected. In a few minutes, hundreds of attendees are going to be swarming into the keynote presentation hall. The success of this event relies heavily on the outcome that everyone is able to get online. They’re checking their email, engaging in social networks, downloading presentations and tweeting on the latest news about the event. The demand is constant.

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Technology Update: Internet-Related Services Part II

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In the Summer 2012 edition of Meeting in Progress, we saw that the 2.4 GHz spectrum is very congested. A high percentage of the wireless devices—such as Wi-Fi radios, embedded Wi-Fi in devices and cell phones—as well as non-Wi-Fi devices—like Bluetooth, cordless phones, game consoles and even microwave ovens—introduce further potential interference in the 2.4 GHz spectrum.

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Is Wi-Fi available? Part 1 of a 3-part series

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It wasn’t so long ago when you were organizing the services required at an event venue that a simple question was sufficient. Now with the invention of smart phones, tablets and the portability of laptops, there is an expectation that, outside of our homes and offices, the Internet should still be readily available. Not only should it be available, but it must also provide a consistent level of speed. With all this volume, however, there is now the challenge of providing Wi-Fi in all spaces—and this service has taken precedence as one of the top requirements from the location chosen for a conference or meeting.

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